Three Small Closet Organization Tips!


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Just because your closet is small it doesn’t mean that it has to be small on storage! Smaller wardrobe spaces, tend to always been on the dis – functional messy side! It can be hard to navigate any organised system into a small space, however small closets need that organization glow up to make better use of the space. Following on from the Small bedroom series. I bring you some small but mighty solutions, when organising a small closet!

One; Sieve and Categories

Yes – it’s a popular one but it works! When you have a small closet/wardrobe you’re limited on folding or hanging space! Don’t take up valuable space with clothes you don’t even wear! Sieve through all your clothing and pop into piles of certain categories. I like to use this list

  • All seasons
  • Summer
  • Winter
  • Spring
  • Autumn
  • Charity
  • Recycle

Once in piles catogorised you can start to place things back. Keep any thing from the all season in your wardrobe along with the current season. There is no point in having summer dresses crumpled up in the bottom of your wardrobe during the Christmas season.Place the rest of the piles into vacuum storage bags and store them away indeed a bed or in the attic, until the season they are needed. Be sure to label them so you know what’s what’s.

While seizing through to find your seasonal wear, use this opportunity to start purging! You could earn a few Bob by reselling your unwanted garments on resale sights such as eBay or depop or apps like vinty and Spoch. Don’t want to sell but want to do a good deed? Put anything good quality that you won’t wear again in for charity. Be warned ensure you check that your intended charity shop is taking donations. You can’t just leave your bagged Un-wanted on the shop step it’s classed as fly tipping and is illegal! There is always the use of clothing banks and online charity centres such as smart works If your local charity stores aren’t taking any donations! Any Clothes not charity worthy or can’t sell? Bag them up for recycling (check your local council for your nearest clothes recycling bank)

Two; Divide, Separate and Concqour the clutter!

Now you have purged yourself of your unwanted things, you should of freed up space! It’s now time to be put it all back. But not in any old way. No – Place items that you use on the daily within easy reach. I like to pop undergarments such as pants, socks and even pyjamas in the top draws for easy access. This is where draw dividers come in handy. Storing your garments in separate dividers keeps order to your draws, it’s surprising how much more space you will create when everything is in its own little neat box! I love these clothes dividers they come in a pack of 8 or 12

While on the subject of dividers invest in T-shirt separators! T-shirt separators create better access to your favourite tee. I love these. Your able to flick through your neatly folded T-shirt’s without out creating a mess . You can use these anywhere in draws on shelves and even in your suitcase.

Three;Hanging Hang ups

Ever look at your wardrobe doors and shut them immediately in fear that your have some sort of coat and dress explosion? Change up you’re hang up. Wooden and bulky plastic hangers take up more space than metal or velvet hangers so switch to a more narrow hanger! Use clasp trouser hangers for your trousers shorts and skirts! They create higher hanging creating more space underneath to store shoes or extra storage baskets. You could even store bulky folded knits at the bottom of your wardrobe.

I love these hangers, they come in either walnut or oak. I went with walnut as these hangers are for our sons bedroom and create a more masculine vibe. The oak I have in our own wardrobe and they are just as beautiful.

For an instant neat and tidy wardrobe ensure to use matching hangers! Matching hangers instantly transform the look of your wardrobe, creating a cohesive clean line. Especially with open storage uniform hanging is a must, to keep your clothes looking clutter free with miss mash hangers. Matching hangers may feel like a heavy investment, however places like Amazon do a great selection of price points. And a variety of different styles.

I hope you have found these three simple steps to a more organised closet most useful! Maybe you to will get in the vibe to organise-glowup your closet big or small! Sorting out my sons closet while we have been renovating his room has been incredibly therapeutic! If you have been inspired to create a clean closet space or just fancy some new wardrobe accessories? You can find everything I have mentioned here on this post, and on my video at my Amazon shop Thehomeslogg which you can check out here!

Let me know in the comments below if there is any storage system you can’t live without!

Thankyou for joining, Until next time!

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