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Are you a gamer or have know or have someone in your life that is a gamer? Then you will love this post! My teen is absolutely gaming mad! He has an array of gaming tech, full of wires and incredibly bulky devices, including a number of game console pads. So where ever do you store them? Well – you create a feature console gaming pad wall!

Continuing on from our sons bedroom maker over or remodel you may be aware that his room is on the small side. I wanted to utilise the wall space for storage so went about looking on line to see what was to offer in the gaming world when it came to games Console Storage.

There is so many things on the market. Game storage towers, charging and store stations. Space in draws? You could even use storage baskets or draws inserts.

As I wanted to use the walls for storage, I was going to purchase the PlayStation wall Pad. But it wasn’t very coherent with what I was trying to create. However, it did give me inspiration to create my very own version for a fraction of the price! Our son has 4 pads, so designing our own meant I could custom design which ever suited our needs!

How to create a games console pad feature wall.

All you need is a wall space, a Tape measure, appropriate wall plugs for your type of wall and plastic covered tool hook.

These plastic tool hooks are incredibly virsitial, because they have a rubber coating they don’t rust and at 99p they are a bargain. We have used them as coat hooks, wall light holders and now in this instance a games console pad feature wall!

It really is so simple to achieve but creates a mahoosive cool focal point!

Unlike already made pad wall hangers, this hack is completely bespoke to your space needs! You can have them hung vertically, horizontally, diagonal side by side in a square it doesn’t matter! It’s however creative you want to be or how much space you have to play with. It doesn’t matter how many pads you have, if you have one or two or even 20 this hack will work for you!

No matter what game console team your on PlayStation or xbox this little storage hack will suit all.

What we used!

  • Tape measure
  • Multi detector (to check for wires, piped behind the wall.)
  • Hammer
  • Drill
  • 8mm drill bit
  • 8mm plasterboard wall plug – (use a wall plug suitable to your wall type)
  • Red rubber coated screw in wall hook x 4 (one hook per pad)

The plan of action!

We started by choosing the area we wanted the pads to sit. And then determined what height we needed them at. They need to be high enough to keep them safe and portioned with the room but low enough for ease of access! The right side of his window is a narrow wall space. To narrow for a picture but to big to leave bare so this was the perfect spot!

The way we choose to hang our pads was vertically. However as I said above you can place them how ever you want!

Once the space was determined, we measured measured where the highest one could fit, ensuring it was still reachable for our son. From there we placed out how much space we wanted to leave in-between each pad. We left a 15cm gap. This was the perfect amount of spacing for our particular wall space and design. But you can adapt your’s how ever suits you.

We marked out on the wall the measurements, and then checked the wall with a multi cable, pipe detector to make sure we wasn’t drilling in to any piping or wiring behind. I’d recommend doing this before any drilling or hammering nail projects so your not drilling into any important pipes. You do and you can pick them up for as cheap as £30.

Drill in your holes, hammer in you wall plugs and then screw in your tool hooks! – Whallah! – Just place the Pads on top of your hooks and there you have it! The coolest custom console pad feature wall!

This Hack provides a number of elements! Firstly storage! A focal point for the room bringing your eyes up and even art work! Although we created this in our sons bedroom, you can create achieve this hack anywhere! All you need Is a little wall space! A games room, living room, kitchen even your bathroom. This little hack can be entirely costumed to suit any space big or small. We got our tool hooks from a local hardware store. However, they are available on-line and in most hardware stores like B&Q.
You don’t even have to have red hooks. They can come in many colours check out these dark green ones on Amazon

I absolutely love it! I hope you enjoyed this little DIY hack as much as we have! Any questions please don’t hesitate to get in contact! Our sons room is almost complete just the wooden paneling to place up and then his room makeover is finished. If you’d like to follow our home renovation journey don’t forget to subscribe here and my YouTube channel. I would love for you to stick around! You can even follow daily updates over on Thehomeslogg instagram.

Thankyou for joining until next time

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