Planning A Gamer theme Bedroom Make – over.

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We have started renovating our teen son bedroom over the last couple of days. When I say renovating, what I really mean is a small-ish make-over. To my detest, our son is growing up so so fast, way to too quickly. It doesn’t seem long ago we were creating a space for a young child, with fun bright colours and beyond enough storage for toys. Fast forward 4 years, which feels like 4 months. Our little boy is now a fully fledge teen.

As our son transitions into adolescences. We thought it was the right time to start creating a space, that he will feel is age appropriate now. And last him comfortably into adulthood. It was also another excuse to get my creative head on and start having some re-designing fun! So what are the plans ? And what does a teen boy demand in his room these days? Should you seek their input for the design? Join me, as I share our design ideas and my thoughts when in comes to creating a teens space.

Make Plans

A well porptioned square room, his room is a traditional English ‘box’ shape. Which is straight forward to work with, just limited on storage and size. It’s not the worlds smallest room by all means, but it isn’t a large space either! (check out my small bedroom ideas ). However, I have got big big plans for this modest space.

The first thing I did when re-designing our sons room, was ask him what he wanted. Even though I had creative design ideas, of my own for the space! I think it’s important to communicate and listen to what your teen would like. Most teens have developed or developing their own self awareness. Incorporating their style into their own room will give them a space for them to really escape to. Especially when a teen finds it a struggle to fit in with their peers. Don’t get me wrong I was a nervous he would ask for something outrageous. However incorporating ‘small elements’ of their style will go along way.

Although I was hesitant about asking him what he wanted for his room, I really shouldn’t of been. His response was that of a typical teenage answer – “I don’t know”. If you’re teen is like mine and doesn’t really know what they want, mood boards are a great life line. I used Pinterest for my first initial research plan, pinning colours and ideas I thought he would like.

This helped me out a lot! He could show me what he liked and didn’t. It also gave him some inspiration of his own. – A Gamers bedroom.! Maybe it’s very male teen cliche, but a gamers bedroom was the brief I had to work with. As gamers theme go, the colour scheme and furniture design wasn’t a million miles away from what I had planned. – phew! I wanted to create a moodier, more classic masculine, grown up space. Using darker hues and deep wood tones. Although the brief was gamer inspired. I wasn’t worried about the longevity of using a theme. The bones of the design will last him right through to adulthood! (Disclaimer- not that many men grow out of the gamer trend. My partner case example).

What elements make a gamer theme room?

Apart from the obvious, like a games console. A gamers room can be pretty straight forward to achieve, and with a relatively low budget. A dark wall to enhance the gaming monitor, smart lighting, a desk and chair. And you’re pretty much set. Yes – there are bigger budget ideas you can consider! Like built in speakers, streaming equipment, racing chairs. Where ever your imagination can take you. However, I am planning a bedroom which means a tranquil space for him to also sleep in, not just an arcade room.

Theme Meets Design

Now that we had our theme and room direction, it was time for the fun part. Moodboarding! It’s no secret I love a moodboard or visual board, I talk about them all the time! Placing every element of your design from colour to furniture on a visual board, is the perfect way to group the concept together and see if all your ideas really sing.

I always start with what colour the walls are going to be and work from there. A gamer room needs to be on the darker side, to enhance the graphics on a screen. Some people think bold dark or bright colours can not be used in a small space! However, used in small amounts it can work pretty well.

We only needed one wall to be dark, which would be behind his Tv screen. So I went with creating just a feature wall and keeping the other walls a light. Our son loved the wall colour in our snug, which is Farrow and ball – hauge blue. This dark navy hue is perfect to use in a small space. Dark enough to be bold – but not to dark to over power.

As the space is limiting, the tv needed to go on the wall instead of on a bulky stand. To create interest in this square shape, – and to hide the unsightly wiring. I’m incorporating dark acoustic wooden slat panels. I have used these panels before as a headboard in our Master bedroom. This time we are creating a Tv feature wall and most importantly sound proofing at the same time. Of course using the decorative Wood veneer hub panels. [Ad]

For his furniture we did want anything to big and bulky. Im using furniture that has multi functions. A shelving unit as a night stand as well as storage and a dark stool for seating. Both of these pieces will be a darker walnut wood. ‘Grounding’ the space and create a more traditional masculine classic feel.

We did end up choosing a queen size bed (small double) instead of a single. Small doubles are only an extra 30cm wider than a Single. However, that extra width can be a lot more comfortable for a growing teen as they merge into Adult-hood. It’s also double the storage power underneath. We choose. divan without a head board as headboards can push a bed more than a foot from the wall. Using a wall mounted headboard – or none at all is a great way to preserve space. Im going to be making him a head board to attach to the wall.

Another space saving hack I’m using, is a wardrobe space that also incorporates draws. I’m using the Ikea Nordmela. It is the perfect shade to match the hauge blue wall! It uniquely Triples up as a wardrobe, dresser with space on top to be used as a vanity.

Smarty Pants Lighting

In every bedroom it is important to create good lighting creating ambiance. This is also true when it comes to a gaming room. I am no gamer, however I do know this. Smart lighting makes your video games come alive. Smart bulbs and light strips, can be synced up to gaming rig to deliver a truly immersive experience. Many smart lights also have multiple colour setting allowing you to Taylor the lighting scheme for different games. Some can link with your smart phone and dance with music you’re playing! The only thing they can not do, is put your teens washing in the wash basket. – Maybe in the future hey? We have gone with these Led strips we purchased from Amazon. [Ad]

Now that this project has been planned out, put together, signed off by my teen and under way. I can not wait to see this room complete. Have you created a teen space? If so what was your theme? If there was even a theme at all? I’d love to hear about the projects you have created.

I have a lot more planned for this series of small bedrooms, but I am always open to any Ideas or discussions you would like to see more of here on Thehomeslogg. Please let me know and I will endeviour to make that happen. Join me next time as the Small spaces series continues and I share my Small Closet organising must haves.

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