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Hi, i’m sakina, I’m a home interior fanatic. I am by No means an expert in the interiors field, I’m a complete and utter amateur! But it’s something I loveI guess you could say it’s a hobby? I love home interiors so much so I started my creative outlet on instagram posting images show casing the journey of our family home. Not in the sense that our house is on wheels moving around the globe but our homes growth being transformed in to our own to use the phase ‘putting our stamp on it’.

My little grid of squares show casing my passion soon quickly grew from just images of our home, to sharing my ‘before and after’ DIY skills (or lack of) and lifestyle loves. With a growing following community and a lot to say I went on to create thehomeslogg.com This is my little space on the world wide web to share my own thoughts and ideas.

 I intend to use this blog to share with you both written and visual photography. Blogging or documenting my journey from a selection of interest from home interiors and my DIY experiences, to fashion, beauty and lifestyle and anything in-between. 

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