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Some items featured on this blog, may have been bought with a discount codes or vouchers.

I utilise a number of affiliate commission services including RewardStyle and affilo and Awin to earn a percentage of commission on product sales, alike to the majority of bloggers in this industry. The links or products used do not cost the buyer any more than they normally would. The commission given is from the retailer via the commission platform and not you. This is a little thank you to me from the retailer, for introducing you to said product. This site therefore uses cookies.

I will declaire each individual blog post with the use of affiliate links in both shop widgets and integrated text, if they are used. You will find these declaration at the very beginning of each post if applicable. And this mark [ad] will be next to any active affiliate link for full transparency.


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I only recommend products that I genuinely and honestly recommend but I can’t guarantee everything will work on all skin types. Please take into account your own skin type and allergies and wherever possible, test products out on yourself before purchasing.

All opinions and views mentioned on thehomeslogg are my own (Sakina bolsover). They are mentioned as information, enjoyment and review purposes only. I am just offering my review and opinion on particular items and how they work for me.

Some of these products that work well for me may not work for you, your skin or your body. Everybody has their own opinions on a multitude of topics and these are my own. I do not wish to offend or insult anybody by what I write concerning certain products or topics.


My objective wish is to create a reliable and trustworthy source of home/fashion/lifestyle and beauty information. The Information provided for all of my loyal readers is my own honest feedback. I will never be paid or incentivised to speak positively about a product. Especially if I do not agree.

I want my readers to feel as though they can trust what I say. That you are not being sold products for the sake of it. I too am a blog reader, and I would hate to feel as though someone was being deceitful.