Small Bedroom Ideas For Teens.

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If you have been following me on Instagram, you will know that we have been planing our sons bedroom make over. Transitioning him from a bright boys bedroom to a more adolescences oasis. His bedroom is on the smaller size of the scale. However, Just because a space is limiting, doesn’t mean the interior concept is. You can still create a fabulous retreat for your teen regardless of the size you are designing. These simple teenage bedroom tips for small spaces – could suit your teens bedroom – making their limited space feel big on style!

Find out How to Incorporate Your Teen’s Style 

Just because your teen has a small bedroom doesn’t mean that they can’t have their media – games room den or princess canopy bed. You just have to think outside the box. Most teens prefer a contemporary look which works very well in a small space. However if your teen likes a more traditional or eclectic look, that can work too. The trick to make the most of a small room, is to keep proportion in mind. You need to balance the space with a little of what they love and a little with what will realistically work in the space. Sometimes you just need to be inventive. If your teen loves modern, let them have some bold colours and patterns to bring life to contemporary’s clean lines. If there after a canopy bed, try incorporating a canopy hung from the ceiling. And there’s nothing wrong with a little bit of interior bling. Just keep it to a minimum – so not to overwhelm the area.

Use Bold Colours – Carefully 

Most teens prefer bold colors and there is no reason you can’t celebrate your teen’s love of color, even in a small space. However, the saying too much of a good thing is it real! It can feel overwhelming in a limited space. Try a bold color on an accent wall and repeat coordinating colors around the room in small amounts – such as the drapes, cushions or if room, an accent chair.

The floor is a good place to add color. A dark coloured rug can help “ground” a little bedroom. Try adding a bold printed accent rug – maybe a camouflage or animal print even stripped – to add some texture and depth to your teen’s small bedroom.

Rethink the Bed 

Just because you have a small space doesn’t mean that you need to choose a single-size bed. If you’re wanting the asetics to work into adolescence, choosing a queen size bed instead of a double can be the next best thing. Small doubles are only an extra 30cm wider than a Single. However, that extra width can be a lot more comfortable for a growing teen as they merge into Adult-hood. It’s also double the storage power underneath. Headboards can push a bed more than a foot from the wall so consider using a wall mounted headboard – or none at all, using cushions to bring height onto the bed.

If you’re working with a ‘box room’ a single platform bed or ‘cabin bed’ often work well. Raised beds that allow storage, work or lounging space beneath will really maximise that much needed floor space.

Choose Furniture That Has double D’s -(Double-Duty) 

Furniture that can function in more ways than one is so so useful in a small teenage bedroom. If your teen has a television in their bedroom, hang it on the wall instead of placing it on a dresser or stand. Not only does it free up much needed space but will draw your eye up creating much needed balance. If your teen has a large enough built in cupboards, they can possibly do without a dresser and/or wardrobe. Stash seasonal clothing in vacuum store bags under the bed. A bed with storage will act as some where to sleep but also doubles up as storage. Utilise the wall space to keep floor space, by using wall-mounted shelving instead of stand-alone bookcases.

Chair beds are also handy, somewhere for your teen to chill out or study. But can also act as a guest bed when sleep overs occur. If using storage boxes try and use a storage bench or storage ottamon. Again its’s a handy place to sit but also leaves the floor clutter free.

Forgo the Desk 

Most teens think they need and want a desk. However many teens secretly prefer to study on their beds or the floor, so don’t feel you have to provide a desk. They tend to be clutter-catchers that aren’t always used. A small computer desk that can double as a bedside table may work fine, or you may find that your teen doesn’t need one at all. Especially if there is other areas in your home you can add a desk becoming a communal office. Communal office spaces can have they’re draw backs and it’s for every household. However, they’re advantages.

  • It gets your teen out of their room where you can see them lol.
  • You’re more accessible, if they are needing your help.
  • Your teens bedroom becomes the sanctuary, a space where they can shut off from school and study.

Storage Max Out

Storage, storage, storage! It is something that most teens desperately need, especially in small spaces. Contain that clutter with storage that can be tucked out of sight when the items aren’t being used. Choose furniture that maximizes storage, such as side tables with shelves and/or drawers, or beds that have built-in storage underneath. Look for places to add extra storage, such as along the tops of door frames or on the back of the door. Over the back of the bed can be another ingenious place to utalise or the fifth wall – hanging from the ceiling.

So you see there is so many possibilities to bring function and style. With proper planning and clever storage solutions. Your teens small bedroom can become a stylish heaven most master bedrooms would envy. Use mood boards to help viualise your teens style – but also helps Invision how chosen furniture and storage will work in the space. swapping out anything that can feel over powering or underwhelimg.

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