Creamy Bacon Tagliatelle

Today I’m making a simple yet effective creamy beacon tagliatelle.

This is a simple yet effective recipe with just a few ingredients, take no time to make. Perfect if your pushed for time or just to tiered to think about anything complicated.


Olive oil
Soft cheese
Mixed herbs
garlic salt

I started off by boiling water and then adding the tagliatelle boil until soften.

In a separate pan I added olive oil and stir fried the bacon.

Once the bacon was cooked I added the broccoli and garlic and mixed herbs and simmered till the broccoli was soft.

Then I added the cooked strained tagliatelle in with the bacon and stored through so that all the flavour could come together.

Once that had been stirred in I added the soft cheese and let that simmer on a low heat to warm through.

It was now ready to serve up and it’s was yummy.

Save this recipe for next time your in a dilemma for tea.

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