Getting My Home Ready For Spring!

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Spring is almost here!

Saturday 20th March brings us the first day of spring 2021! With the new season comes much needed longer and brighter days after a cold and gloomy winter! With spring just a few weeks around the corner I like to get my home ready, so when it’s here I can enjoy the spring cheer and of course – the easter bunny.

The upcoming season brings all sorts of home décor possibilities, from bright colour palettes, to florals, to simply the natural sunlight returning and brightening up your space. Here are some ideas I’m going to be use to optimise the space in my home ready for spring. These little tips you may find will come in handy for your home too.

Deep Clean into Spring

A deep clean might be an obvious tip, but it’s an effective and affordable one. It is a classic tradition that involves cleaning your home from top to bottom, including in the little nooks and crannies that don’t get that frequent glow up. Don’t forget the mirrors and the hard-to-reach corners. Especially those windows! I tend to have a window cleaner that comes and cleans them once a month in the winter. However, as the snow and cold weather starts to melt away I like to clean them up every couple of weeks to really let that light flow in to our house!


Spring is the perfect time to pare down the clutter that’s been accumulating in your home. Before I get started, I make a room-by-room plan so It’s not an overwhelming prospect of de-cluttering the entire home! —know that you don’t need to do everything in one day or even in one weekend.

Consider investing in drawer dividers and closet organizers to tame spaces that are prone to clutter. I have recently done this and it has been an absolute god send. Check out this small closet organising I did! If you are planning on putting your home on the market, de-cluttering your home should be one of your top priorities.

Changing Up The Scents

It’s not unfamiliar that Spring is a season associated with the aroma of nature – be it blooming flowers, buds, or leaves. Let your home too, reflect the same zest during the season.

I always start adding more seasonal flowers into my home to help transition my senses from winter to spring. Changing over warmer spice berry scents to citrus, rose, lavender or any other floral scented candles or room fragrance to ensure that my space always welcomes me with a warm, breezy aromas of the spring.

Let Spring Bloom Indoors

Placing a vase of flowers in a room is an excellent way of bringing the outside in and adding fragrant floral scents and vibrant colour into the home. I love seeing a bunches of beautiful flowers around my home. They are sure to make you smile and associate the home positively with hand-picked spring flowers. I love grabbing a fresh bouquet from Bloom&Wild!

A lot of people opt for various types of fresh flowers and ornamental leaves when it comes to decorating the living rooms. Why don’t you give it a refreshing twist by throwing traditional flower arrangement for a toss and use foliage instead?

You could use leaves of banana, palm, and philodendron to make a statement look. Just put these up in huge decorative vases with some water, and you’re done! A beautiful and yet quirky look to your living room welcomes everybody.

Get garden Ready

Speaking of spring flowers, don’t forget about the garden! 

After a long, cold winter, our garden will probably need some attention. The front of the house and garden are both full of turf! As the weather starts to warm up and we are making the most of the outdoors again. You’ll want to be greeted by a lawn and shrubs that are neatly trimmed and with a well-maintained pathway! Even if, like us you just have a modest lawn, it will make all the difference to have it cared for and looking its best.

Last years lock down saw me really get into growing my own fruit and vegetables. February and march is the time to start sowing your seeds for most fruits and veggies and even garden flowers and plants. Adding flowers in hanging baskets, window boxes or in a flower bed outside the home can instantly transform a dull wintery!

Changing Colours With Accent Textiles

The natural colours of spring are a great inspiration and patterns such as florals, geometric shapes or stripes. Now Im not saying you need to go out and buy a brand new home accessories for every season. However, I do have a couple of throws and cushion covers in my airing cupboard that I bring out and change from season to to season.

These patterns are a great addition against a simple base colour to add some personality. Natural hues of green or sky blue, accompanied by bright pops of colour, such as pink, orange or yellow, can breathe life into the simplest of spaces. On a backdrop of crisp white, the natural colours of spring feel fresh, lively and exciting to the eye. 

Are you getting ready for spring now?

I mean, who doesn’t love that cozy warmth the sun brings after all those chilly days and long nights. And when all that snow is thawing, finally paving the way for the bloom of beautiful flowers and the lush greenery everywhere. You’d just want to welcome the spring with open arms. So, when you are letting in the warmth of your heart and soul, don’t you think it’s time to dust off the cobwebs in your house and prep it up for the new season? After all

Charles Dickens once said, Spring is that time of the year when the sun feels like summer, and shade feels like winter – all at once.

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