Why choose white bedding?

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Despite the myriad of colours, patterns, and styles of bedding out there on the market today, one type of bedding remains the most popular: white bedding.

I was one of those people a few years ago who bought any other colour bedding bar white. Fast forward 6 years I now use nothing else in my home. For quite a few good reasons – and that’s what I wanted to share with you today.

This post goes through all the reasons I love white bedding. (and why I think you should to!) In every type of bedroom – every style, every age – white is the way to go – every time!

If you haven’t as yet used white bedding in your home. Here are all the reasons that I love it – to hopefully give you food for thought…

It looks quite hotel-like

Of course my first reasoning would be the hotel experience. If you have been following my blog for a while? You will know that I am a sucker for a hotel inspired bedroom. Hotel bedrooms can make people think of luxury and opulence. This promotes a calmness so you can properly relax in your own sanctuary away from all the stresses of life.

It is easy to clean

Go to a hotel and, nine times out of ten, you’ll likely find crisp white bedding on the bed. Given that white isn’t so easy to keep clean. You’d be forgiven for thinking that hotels are wasting money by using a colour that’s the easiest to stain. But, actually, that’s the whole point! If the bedding was a dark colour, say black? Could you really be sure that the bedding was fresh and wasn’t covered in stains? By using white, the hotel is showing you that they keep their bedding clean. As any stains on the bedding would be immediately noticeable.

Now, I am no way  saying that hotels that use coloured bedding aren’t clean places. However, first impressions are one of the most crucial factors in the hospitality world. And white is the most effective way for the hotel to prove their standards of cleanliness.

You may think I may of gone off topic slightly and I have- slightly. However, even if the white bedding becomes stained it doesn’t mean that it immediately needs replacing. White is extremely easy to bleach clean, making the stain vanish as if it had never existed. This is ideal for when you’ve spent a small fortune on quality bedding, which you don’t have the luxury of replacing. You can wash white linen at really high temperatures unlike most coloured bedding.

Practical and Easily matched

This is another reason why hotels tend to use white bedding. It comes down to the sheer practicality of it. If you have white sheets on a bed. Chances are that the hotel is using white bathroom towels and bathrobes too. When the housekeepers go on their rounds, stripping the bedding! Or picking up any used towels that are destined for the washing machine. It’s much easier to put all these together into the same wash load. 

This saves time and money. Meaning they’ll never get the nasty surprise of one errant red sheet. Or that off grey pillowcase being mixed in with white bedding. Subsequently ruining a dozen hotel rooms worth of bedding in one go. This practicality is something we can bring into our own homes.

Whether it’s in a hotel or in your own home? Using just plain white bedding in all your bedrooms will have the same practicality. And just one load of bedding in one wash cycle! It’s not just about the washing cycle or rouge red sheet. If all beds have white bedding, it would be really easy to change the bedding on wash day. You can simply pull out – x number of pillow cases, – x number of sheets and – x duvet covers and you’re done! No more looking for matching sets!

Don’t be scared to use them in children bedroom!

Which brings me to the use of white bedding in childrens rooms. We have gone over how easy to clean white bedding is with it’s toughness on high temp washing. So you shouldn’t be scared of introducing white bedding into a childs bedroom. If they share then it’s easy to make each bed look unique but still have something to tie them together. You could pop a different colour scatter cushion or throw to give your child individuality. but the matching white bedding brings them together. It can also be quite a calm counter to the bright toys /paint and accessories.

White is a versatile colour

Whatever design and colour scheme you may be using in your bedrooms. You can be certain that white bedding will go with it. It’s easy to match coloured accessories with white. Bright colour schemes on the walls and soft furnishings, can be complemented by white bed linen. The focal is firmly on the bed yet it doesn’t get masked by another added colour choice you’ve made with accessories.

It’s an easy, and cheap, update for your bedroom

Yes, you can pay a lot for Egyptian cotton sheets. However, overall you can get good quality white bedding for a really cost effective price, compared to a lot of coloured varieties. It is also easier to find white as oppose to trying to match a pattern or colour to your room. If you’re fed up with your bedroom design but don’t really want to splash the cash to transform the whole room? Simply buying some white bedding can give a fresh look you crave. This simple touch gives the impression of a newly decorated room. While slipping into brand new bedding is sure to give you a better night’s sleep. I use Dusk [ad] bedding which sell luxury bedding for less. They are reasonably priced and have a great high quality collection.

bedding from dusk [ad]
It’s a fresh canvas

White is a fresh canvas to build upon and helps you add little touches of personality. Just because you’ve gone for white it doesn’t mean every bit of the bedding has to be that way. Add personality with little splashes of colour such as a coloured cushion or a textured throw.

Each bed in my house is still unique and looks very different because of how they are dressed. And how the room decor is. – so there should be no worries of feeling bland in any way. The white simply makes a stunning backdrop to the colours used in them instead of fighting for attention.

White is a timeless colour

It’s classic – it will go with everything – and you can add colour easily with throws and cushions if required. While that trendy new colour may look great today. Could you say the same about it in a year or two? Trends come and go! But white is always here to stay. This neutral colour will always be on trend and fashionable. Save yourself the hassle of constantly trying to keep up with new trends by sticking with white from the get-go.

White bedding may help improve sleep

White bedding can make a room feel less cluttered, and calmer. The bed is usually the biggest single item in a room! So bedding would be a predominant feature of the space. Anything to colourful or daring, can make a space feel busy and cluttered especially if highly patterned.

While there isn’t a direct correlation between sleeping in white sheets and a better nights kip. The colour of the bedding has the power to transform the mood of a room. This, in turn, can affect your mindset when you’re trying to relax at the end of the day. White is a neutral palette and has a calming effect. Invoking a sense of comfort and serenity a space. The colour red for example is associated with being alert. If you choose red bedding. This could promote the opposite effect of relaxing. Heightening your stress levels when you’re supposed to be in a room that’s meant for winding down.

It can brighten up a dark room

Whether Your room is dark through lack of natural light, or dark due to the decor? White bedding can transform how a bedroom feels (the bed is, after all, the largest part of most rooms). So injecting the largest furniture of the room with lightness. In turn can inject some bright shade into a dull dark space.

Does This Mean That Coloured Bedding Should Never Be Used?

Of course not, that’s all down to personal choice. All I have done is explain to you why white bedding is the most popular type of bedding. And why I love using it in my home so much. You’re free to use your imagination and go wild with your bedroom design and bedding. But just remember that this is the place you need to sleep. So you don’t want to introduce a colour that’s so jarring that it affects your comfort in the bedroom.

I must admit that I would rarely, if ever go back to using anything other than white bedding in a bedroom now. The top selling point for me is that it makes laundry day so much easier. Both washing and putting things away – (If I can save time sorting things out then I will!).

What bedding do you use? and would you convert to while bedding? I’d love to hear your thought.

Thankyou so much for joining, until next time.

Much Love

S x

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