How to create a hotel bedroom?

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We have all experienced that magical feeling when walking into that luxury hotel room. That overwhelming feeling you just want to take home into your own house. Is it possible? Can you actually recreate that same luxurious hotel ambiance in to your own master bedroom? If so how do you create a hotel style bedroom?

I’m Specifically talking about a moment, that indulgent moment when you first walk into your hotel room. Jaw to the floor, your eyes savour every inch of beauty the room has to offer! From here it can go two ways. You either live your best life body slamming like a WWE pro onto the bed. Or – slowly with a deep sigh tranquilly melt into the sumptuous bed. Gently fragranced rooms, overstuffed pillows, fluffy robes and soft lighting is all the making of a luxury suite. The boujee hotel is no ordinary suite chambré. It represents pure, exaggerated luxury. It’s not surprising that so many of us look to achieve the ’boutique hotel-style bedroom’ when renovating our homes.

What makes a hotel bedroom?

But what makes a master bedroom feel like a luxury suite? Hmmm Tricky? Can you get the same feeling when your the one providing the turn-down service and pillow-chocolates… This was a question I had when I was redesigning my own master bedroom. Perhaps the maid service is ones self, yet this well desired style can be achieved in any bedroom. From a one bed studio to a 10 bedroom mansion I hope that this post will guide you, to also achieve a truly desirable and luxurious hotel-style bedroom of your very own.


To kick start my tips I’m talking colour! First and foremost colour is key. Getting the colour right is crucial for all rooms of your home not just hotel bedrooms. Colour is a major player and sets the tone to your vision, creating mood and atmosphere. As I learn more about interior design the more I understand the importance of colour. Working with the right hue can encourage to induce sleep using passive colours that are cool will calm and help rejuvenate feelings of fatigue.

For hotel-inspired luxury, the palette requires a certain level of sophistication. Bright neon green walls just don’t quite cut it. The overall colour-scheme should be considered through out the space from wall-coverings to wardrobe finishes, linens and even flooring.


Neutral is a great option for a soft ‘foundation’ for a luxe hotel-inspired space. By foundation, I mean the larger, more permanent pieces – walls, wardrobes or curtains. Choosing the perfect paint colour can be a really delicate task and you should consider various factors such as the orientation of your room.

When creating our space I opted for the classic Farrow & Ball – Elephants breath this was perfect for our north-facing master. Elephants breath is a contemporary neutral paint with warm lilac undertones, this hue has beautiful depth and a soothing quality. For continuity – and to extend the feeling of space – our built in wardrobes was easily colour matched, as sharpes bedrooms use this colour as an option for their built in wardrobes. Showing the popularity of this colour/bedroom combo.

Not to repeat above but like I said cooler colours work better in bedrooms. Other colours like chalky whites, green-greys, champagne and pale blush are also fabulous options. As are gentle blues with warmer undertones which can also be used on walls without losing your sleep. 


It’s always worth injecting a little contrast or colour. Dark wood, bash bronze or black accents work really well with lighter, muted neutrals. Grounding the design and offering ‘weight’ try adding a statement through bedside tables or lighting. Effectively using Smaller accents such as candles or hardware also work incredibly well. We injected wooden textures with our wooden headboard. I also used black to contrast the neutral tone. It’s amazing what a matte black socket can do to lift a space especially in contrast to the wall colour and our white glass furniture.

Fashionable metallic finishes can also transform a palette. From rose-gold, copper and chrome to bronze and brass, a metallic pop can really sing loud. Mix and match with confidence, we have silver hardware as well as gold accessories and this conflicting of metals work really well.



The bed (and headboard) should be the focal point of the luxury master bedroom. Where ever possible aim to position your bed centrally in the space and work symmetrically around it.

One of the best pieces of advice that I can give is to go for the largest bed that the space can handle, be sure to measure. My bedroom feels quite small so i opted for a double thinking that the space wouldn’t allow a king. If I could go back i would ensure I measured the room, as the room (had I measured) would have fitted a king! Hindsight is always a good thing as is a good night sleep! After all, if you want to achieve total hotel luxury, comfort is paramount.

For a mattress, I champion anything with a topper and go for the best that you can afford. As I see it, an average person needs to sleep between 7-9 hours a day that’s a long time to spend in one place uncomfortable. Mattresses are a long-term, worthwhile investment so I would also suggest you try before you buy to avoid any costly mistakes.


Whether you’re adding a separate headboard, or buying a new bed in its entirety simply consider how to achieve that ‘wow’ factor. Drama and theatre is certainly a key aspect of the luxury hotel and this can be achieved through your head or .

As my own master bedroom isn’t the biggest rooms in the world, I designed a full height, vertically bespoke headboard which was secured to the wall. Using vertical oak wood batons this strong emphasis on verticality encourages a feeling of height and space. ‘A two bird with one stone’, it also offers a strong statement backdrop for the layered cushions. We installed pendant ceiling lights either side to add to the symmetry and drama!

Low-level headboards which span across the back of the bed and beyond, is also a unique statement you can inject into your room. I’m going to use this in our sons bedroom when we get round to finishing his. These can really emphasise the feeling of horizontality within the space making it feel wider. Make sure to add in some artwork above to fill the ‘voided’ space. Your cushions, artwork and bedside lamps should work in proportion with your headboard so check that it all balances.

If using an upholstered headboard choose timeless fabrics like silk, satin, velvet or the more understated cotton-linen for the ultimate hotel luxury living. Deep buttoned styles, studding and sectioned headboards always appeal to me. If you have problems with narrow staircases or hallways like ours opt for sectional head boards that can bend round those dodgy areas with ease.



Wardrobes. Ideally for a hotel vibe, they will be in-built (or at least appear to be with careful surrounds). Just like the bed go large. Go for the maximum amount of storage that you can. This is everything. The luxury hotel bedroom scheme certainly doesn’t ever feel cluttered or unmanageable, so the more secret spaces available for you to hide those pok-a-dot pj’s away, the better. To avoid wardrobes looking bulky, consider painting them the same colour as the walls.

Our wardrobes were colour matched to our wall colour so they simply ‘melt’ away into the space. 

Bedside tables. Aim to keep them lower than your mattress and proportionate to your bed. Go for wider bedsides if you have a Super-King, of course, this isn’t always possible but it’s definitely something to think about, if your space allow. Remember we talked about dark colours feeling weighty, these work well either side a large bed and oversized headboard.

Nothing says ‘luxury hotel’ more than a seating area within a bedroom. If you’re lucky enough to have the space for some occasional chairs or next level lux, a sofa – Do it! At the very least, an end-of-bed upholstered bench or storage ottoman would look beautiful.

                    LINEN & SOFT FURNISHINGS 

I hate making my bed, I’m not very good at it and it takes so much time (with all the cushions ) however I cannot recommend it enough. I never used to make an effort in this department but since I have I maintain it’s good for ones soul! Arriving home or walking into a room with an unmade bed can be stressful and doesn’t set a restful tone for your day ahead. This brings me too….


When choosing bedding I tend to opt for luxury plains with high thread counts. I tend to shop in the sale for these as I know they can be pricey, however good bedding always provides optimum hotel vibes. The Oxford border always offers another dimension of elegance. I would recommend investing in quality bed linen, (as I said before I shop for mine in the sale) not only do beds needs to look inviting, but they need to feel it too. There is nothing like slipping into beautifully soft sheets at the end of a long day the ultimate ahhhhhh moment.


With the bedding chosen. Dressing the bed is the next step to lux-ness. It’s simply that ‘dressing’. Like fashion layering is key for that perfectly finished hotel resistancè. By using a large textural bedspread or throw [ad], a soft blanket and some beautiful cushions [ad]. You can easy create a hotel feel. Mix patterns, textures and finish cushions, Sticking to feather-filled stuffing for a karate-chop cushion perfection. For the ultimate unashamed luxury, go velvet. Trims can be a beautiful finishing feature and I’m a sucker for a piped-edge.

You can have a little play with colour here. Explore your colour chart – using larger cushions as a backdrop with smaller accents in the front.

my white textured bedding is from[ad]


Windows depending on house vary greatly in their style, size, depth and finish. This will dictate your options in what you choose regarding curtains, blinds or shutters. If like mine your budget was the firm no when it came to investing in shutters then opt for wooden Venetian blinds as a cheaper alternative.

For a streamlined and luxurious look in the bedroom, I’m a huge advocate for floor to ceiling curtains. Hang them high to elevate your ceiling height visually, adding grandeur and glamour to the space. When a significant run of fabric is being used, opt for a plain or lightly patterned finish rather than anything too heavy or brash. The popular saying Less is more, doesn’t lie here.


This element is often overlooked but it is one of the most important factors in styling that perfect luxury hotel bedroom theme. I’m going to go all out and actually include every room in your house, should really have a real thought when it comes to your lighting. Beautiful hotel rooms create mood and atmosphere, achieved through artfully layered lighting. Look at Soft, diffused, lighting either side of the bed to create ambitious. Again, scale is key so don’t be afraid, be bold and go tall with your bedside lamps if your headboard is imposing for balance and flow.

We have ceiling pendant lighting either side as bedside lighting, so installed bedside switches for practicality ( Always a good tip, if your too are using pendants either side. You don’t want to keep getting out of bed to turn them on or off) Instead of those bright ceiling spotlights use a statement pendant or chandelier – ‘wow’ factor. Use dimmers where possible for a flattering evening glow. We used these dimmer light bulbs that can be controlled from the comfort of your phone so no rewiring. You can also choose the colour of the light, there is so many to choose from. Opt for a cool ambiance light – Stay well away from those reds if it’s a sophisticated hotel feel that your after. Can’t use dimmers then candles are your best friends. Ensure to use generously.



A luxury scented candle burning early-evening can feel ever so dreamy. Pretty perfume bottles also work effectively as a styling tool too.

Add texture with variation using rugs or extra blankets, which are especially welcomed when the temperature drops. Plants or flowers also inject visual interest. You can always go faux if you’re looking for minimal upkeep. Not only are plants healthy for us they are a good way to be used as a way to introduce a pop of colour and a more organic shape into the room.


Not only is a mirror a great tool for ensuring your lippy goes on properly. Mirrors are a great way to enlarge a space. It is no secret that mirrors are a great trick used by all to make rooms look bigger. Art work no matter your choice is also a great way to fill an empty void. Adding artwork can instantly become a focal point to that empty wall space. From pretty watercolours and understated line-drawings to layered prints it really doesn’t matter. After all it’s art so have fun.


I’m obviously kidding, who has time for breakfast in bed every morning.
I think those treats should be kept to the minimum so not to spoil a good thing, however I’m very comfortable receiving my morning cuppa my hubby treats me too, when he’s pitching the idea of a ‘mans marathon’ playing call of duty with his other 40 something mates. ( who ever said men grow out of gaming lied ) I digress, however I hope my little tips to making a hotel inspired room has been that, inspirational to you and gives you the confidence to create your own hotel vibes. Its amazing that following a few simple guides any home can boast this popular theme.
I’d love to hear your own design ideas you have incorporated into your bedrooms or homes and what hotel inspired looks have you used. As always it’s been a pleasure, bye for now.

Much Love

S x


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