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When I order from Ikea online, I tend to wait until I have a big piece of furniture I was to purchase. It’s no secret that Ikea delivery charges are super dooper expensive. I’m am currently renovating our sons bedroom. And love the ikea NORDMELA open storage draws. So while we were purchasing the clothing storage system. I seized the opportunity to purchases some little homeware pieces for the rest of our home. – Does a homeware lover even need an excuse?

SKOGSTA – Wooden bench – £40

I needed something at the edge of my bed, an ottoman or seating of some sort. It had to be narrow as our bedroom isn’t very long. The skogsta bench is a perfect addition its the right size. Surpisingly unlike most of Ikea furniture, this bench wasn’t completely flat packed. The only assembling I had to do was to attach the legs to the seat. A beautiful piece of solid wood! skid can be perfect the addition for your boot room, dinning table, hallway? Or as I have styled it, seating for the foot of your bed.

BOYSENBÄR – Plant pot £2

I love this concrete planter. However instead of using the heavy duty planter as a plant pot. I have repurposed it as a kitchen utensil. I had been on the hunt for a concrete utensil holder and could find one. This is perfect and up for the task. I love the white painted zig zag which softens the texture and adds another dimension to a bog standard pot. There is currently a price drop – £2 what a bargain. Slashed from £6 until 28th march 2021.

NORDMELA – Cest of draws with open hanging – £179

This clever piece of furniture with roomy drawers. Has the additional added bonus of a clothes rail. The hybrid unit accommodates both folded and hanging clothes. It is so roomy we have managed to house a double wardrobe worth of clothes. Taken up little space it is perfect and is easy to place, in a small bedroom or in the hallway. A perfect colour match to Farrow&Ball Hauge blue and completes our sons monochrome bedroom. Just be careful when assembling it. Be wary when assembling as the instructions art detailed specifically, making it challenging. However when you get there it’s deffently worth it.

CHIAFRÖN – Plant pot – £3

As the concrete planter before. I wanted to use this flower pot to store some kitchen essentials, this time essentials by the sink. The chifarion plant pot has a lively tactile surface with a charming diamond pattern. It has a white was effect giving any space a bit of a boost.

VÄSTANHED – Black Frames – £5

A deeper than normal frame. I order these 20×25 cm frames for a gallery wall in the hallway. This frame is a little different from the norm. You can place ornaments on the ledge of the frame it is that wide. However, I just intend to use them as a frame full of beautiful family snaps. When I get round to filling them.

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I am really pleased with the new additions to our home. You may find something in this haul you haven’t managed to come across on Ikea treasure trove. I Hope you enjoyed this little mini Ikea haul. If you would like to see how much storage you can get into the NORDMELA clothing system. Check out my post small closet organising here. You can really see what you can fit into this hybrid warble space.

Thankyou for joining, until next time.

Much Love

S x

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