What is kerb appeal? And How To maintain Your front garden.

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It’s a question many people ask and part of the home that often gets over looked. The front garden and why should it have kerb appeal.? It’s generally only seen by you when leaving and arriving to your property and If your fortunate to have a drive, I’m sure your car spends more time in the front garden than you. For some it’s a lot of money and work making the front garden look pretty just for your car. However it doesn’t have to cost the earth. Making the most of the extra garden space in the front of your home by keeping the front garden well – kept, brings instant kerb appeal.

Your front garden is the first thing you and your visitors see, it’s therefore key to make it count. If you are thinking of selling your home, raising your property’s kerb appeal is an essential consideration. Kerb appeal is a huge factor that has lots of implications when selling a property. So if your wanting to make the most of your front garden space and unsure how I’v a few tips that I’m using on my own front garden to give our home that instant but budget friendly wow factor.

what is kerb appeal?

Before I get started firstly what do we mean when we say kerb appeal? Kerb appeal encompasses the desirability of a home’s exterior and incorporates everything from front doors to the quality of your roof. Having a greater kerb appeal can go a long way to ensuring your house sale and subsequent move run as smoothly as possible.

Appealing exteriors will attract more interest and if your selling up, can ensure the price of your property is maintained. There are several simple, cost-conscious steps you can follow to boost the kerb appeal of your home. Keeping the windows clean including the frames, that fresh lick of paint on the front door and keeping any lawn kept cut and any leaves swept up.

Whilst we are told to never judge a book by its cover, this old maxim does not always apply, especially when selling your home. First impressions count when selling your property. At a time when more and more viewings are conducted online, kerb appeal has never been more important! So here is some top tips

Entrance to your heaven

As the entrance way to your home, the front door makes a statement about your whole property. It determines whether or not guests or potential buyers will think it’s welcoming and well maintained. Improving your front door is fairly simple. You could purchase a new front door or add on a porch if your pennies allow? However, if your don’t have the budget to improve your exterior a quick refinishing with exterior paint [ad ] can rejuvenate weather-beaten wood and plastic looking pvc, and could never be so simple and cost effective. Using metal polish [ad] on the door fixtures can remove the rust and dirty spots making an old door look new. And a fresh coat of paint allows you to add colour and character to your home. Even washing grubby windows can make your home look brighter and more inviting.

A well-maintained front garden will make a house look well cared for – and in buyers’ minds, a well-cared for exterior means a well-kept interior. It doesn’t take much to trim back an overgrown garden, but it will vastly improve its charm, potentially along with the value of your home. General upkeep is good practice but the more ambitious may wish to consider landscaping projects. Make sure to rid your garden of unwanted weeds early in the season before their roots grow too deep and spread throughout. Its surprising how clean and tidy weed free front garden can make your home sparkle.

If gutters are hanging off their fixings, the gate off its hinges and fences are damaged, your house will immediately lose value. Taking a weekend to tackle these jobs can pay dividends, both in attracting buyers who would have been put off by poorly maintained exterior details, and in boosting the value of the house.

Get green fingered

Adding planters or trees are also an instant curb appeal booster, and all these ideas don’t have to break the bank. You don’t even have to be the most experience gardener to add a little green appeal to your front garden. An easy and straightforward way to smarten up your front door and bring it to life is with small trees in pots. Not only are they easy to take care of, they also provide instant and refreshing greenery. And if in pots if you decide you are moving on, you can take them with you.

Position them on either side of your front door to create pleasing symmetry. Don’t be afraid to branch out with other plants. From potted palms or banana trees to potted bright and colourful flowers like hydrangeas, it’s easy to create something striking. Alternatively, climber plants such as wysteria and jasmine can grow up the walls and around the front door. Adding a more rustic, countryfied and whymsical touch.

You can even buy artificial trees. So if you are not the gardening type or you live in an apartment and want to bring the green in these real looking trees may be appealing to you.

Even if you don’t have a garden or path way. Window boxes or hanging baskets with pretty flowers or grass plants can brighten any exterior.

Perk up your pathway.

One of the cheapest and easiest ways to enhance the kerb appeal of your home, is ensuring any pathways are pristine. A quick power wash [ad] will rejuvenate the route to your entrance, removing dirt and stains. Clearing away weeds and replacing any cracked paving stones. Will not only improve the look of your path, but make it safer for your guest to walk over.

From well tended lawn, characterful porches and striking floral displays, there is an array of ideas which can immediately lift your homes facade adding instant kerb appeal. Alternatively, an enclosed front garden can also help foster a sense of privacy and security, incorporating distance between the public and private spheres.

Here at Thehomeslogg We inherited a very rather old rackety front path. It was a DIY project by the previous owner and yes when was first done I’m sure it looked fantastic. However 20 years or so to now, the path needs some TLC.

The paving stones that was not cemented in and the brick work boarder has been moved about by weeds so much, the whole entrance steps has become a dangerous obstacle.

Although we aren’t selling our property, we still want to make our home inviting, clean and neat. We’ve worked so hard in the interior we want to reflect that in the exterior.

We also want to make the steps safe for when the curriers deliver my many Amazon orders. Our budget will be small. However, with these top tips I’m sure they will be appealing to the budget as to our curb.

Weather your loving or listing your home? A good front garden spruce up, will not only make your home look good on the outside. But potentially add value to your brick and water investment.

If you haven’t already subscribe to my blog for more top tips around the home. Join me on my next blog for our front garden renovation update.

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