The Front Garden Make over on a budget.

Since moving into our home 2 years ago, the last year we have focused all our efforts changing and personalising the interior space with our own stamp. While making the interior feel like home we have neglected the exterior. The front garden isn’t all bad and nothing considerably structural needs attending too. However, inheriting work that was done to the property on the outside over two decades ago. It is starting to look run down and tired and having said that, in desperate need for a make over.

With big big construction plans in mind for the future. Our front garden makeover has to be done on the budget side. With a small budget of £500 we have a lot to do, with a small amount of pennies. Front entrance steps need replacing, weeds need to be controlled and boundary fences need some TLC. I’m certainly confident that I will be able to bring this project on budget. If you missed my blog post kerb appeal on a budget I have some great tips to keep me on track from preventing spending from spiralling.

What’s the big plans for our front garden space?

We live in a Mock Tudor home, so the outside space needs to be sympathetic to it’s characteristic charm. I’m wanting the landscaping to match the exterior of the house. I also want to incorporate some modern fixtures to make it feel sleek and clean and minimal fuss. So i’l be carefully sellecting buxus plants and modern shrubs to compliment the era our homes exterior replicating but also combine modern day living.

To keep costs down. Keeping to the structure of the landscape and using what you already have, is a cost effective way to stay on budget. By keeping the bones of the landscape results not having to excavate or back fill which can all cost £100s.

The fence around the boundary area is in quite good shape, with only a few panels that need replacing. So I’m just tarting the fence up and treating the wood to a new lick of wood treatment. The supporting walls that hold the greenery are structurally sound too so we will just paint that back as well.

The main work will be to replace the and rebuild the stair way from the front path down to the front door. Instead of using concrete or pavements. I decided to go with timber sleeper steps. Not only are they cost effective at only £20 a sleeper. The sleepers will match with the mock Tudor panelling. Filling each step with beautiful modern Black Balsalt gravel. This project fix up should be a more simpler task for novice DIY landscapers to try and create.

Now with the plans in place, filled with determination to complete this project.

Work has started. We have removed all the paving slabs, gravel and stairway. Laying down the new weed control fabric. I have also finished the mammoth task of painting the boundary fence. I have gone with Curponal Black [ad] and I love the result. At this point I don’t think I want to take up the task of painting a fence again. Maybe I should invest in a spray gun? Next thing to do is to dig the foundations for the sleepers to fix into. Paint the supporting walls and lay the gravel down, then it’s onto the landscaping and planting. We have a long way to go but it will be all worth it when it’s finished.

Until next time

Much love

S x

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