Shark upright anti hair wrap Vacuum with power lift away & truepet review

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[ad] Gifted product – Shark Anti Hair Wrap Upright Vacuum Cleaner XL with Powered Lift-Away & TruePet PZ1000UKT

If you follow me over on Instagram, you may have seen either on my Insta stories or Reels, Iv been trialing out the new shark anti hair wrap upright vacuum [ad] for just over a month now.

Shark clean got in contact and offered to gift me this particular modal, to try out and give my most honest feed back. And as you all know on thehomeslogg I am nothing but honest. Especially when it comes to products and brands I like or dislike. I have never used a shark brand vacuum. So i said yes – and Iv been trialing it out ever since.

I never thought a vacuum could be so sexy! And I’m completely in love! 
I have heard and seen amazing reviews of shark vacuums and I can honestly say the hype is real! 
Perfect for deep cleans, this powerful upright range features a large Anti Hair Wrap floorhead and XL dust cup. All packed into a sleek new silhouette.

For all floors

Discover Shark’s signature DuoClean floorhead, enhanced with Anti Hair Wrap. The two motorised brush-rolls work together in the wide DuoClean floorhead. A bristle brush-roll cleans deep into carpets, drawing out embedded dirt, while the soft front brush-roll draws in large and small debris, and lifts stuck-on dust from hard floors.  

Living with Chester the pugalier who malts his fur like crazy and being a long haired lady. Combined we create so much hair and fluff on our carpets and floors. Iv been so tired of removing tangled hair from vacuum’s brush-rolls we end up buying a new hoover because of it. However, shark’s unique bristle-guard and comb Anti Hair Wrap Technology, actively separates and removes hair as you clean! Helping to leave the bristle brush-roll tangle-free. Amazing! 

Easily clean stairs and under furniture

Struggling to vacuum stairs with a traditional upright? Go portable with Powered Lift-Away. Simply lift the main unit away from the wand to instantly transform this powerful upright into a portable vacuum cleaner, giving you the freedom to comfortably clean stairs, soft furnishings, up high and underneath furniture.

Easily vacuum sofas, crevices and surfaces with the included attachments and use the wand in portable mode to easily reach ceilings, curtains and high up. I found I could move between rooms with ease, as it features a long 8m power cord.

when you’re working in portable mode, there is no compromise. The brush-rolls continue rotating even in portable mode. Drawing in dirt and delivering a deeper clean than vacuums which rely on suction alone – perfect for cleaning underneath furniture. And as I’m a women who’s getting older I struggle with a bad back (due to my day job) With controls conveniently placed on the handle! Start and stop your clean and switch between 3 floor settings without bending down. 

XL dust cup

Capture more dust and debris with Shark’s larger capacity dust cup, giving you the freedom to clean more between empties. Perfect for whole-home deep cleans.

I love how you can use this for multiple purposes. Enjoy delicate cleaning on low-pile carpets, powerful deep cleaning on thick-pile carpets and area rugs, and a cleaning mode purposefully designed for hard floors.
And if that’s not enough, not only does it have sharks anti allergen seal!

This pet model includes an additional Anti Hair Wrap Pet Tool, purposefully designed to easily remove embedded hair from sofas, stairs and upholstery. Shark’s Anti-Allergen Complete Seal captures and traps 99.9% of dust and allergens inside the vacuum, not releasing them back into the air you breathe.

Then there’s my favourite bright LED headlights in the floorhead. The LED headlights illuminate hidden dust and pet hair under furniture. So fancy! Perfect for deep cleans, this powerful upright range features a large Anti Hair Wrap floorhead and XL dust cup, all packed into a sleek new silhouette. Cleaning for me has never been so satisfying, then using this vacuum.

I Highly recommend this sucker!

I can honestly say with my hand on my heart I’m obsessed and impressed with this upright vacuum. My home and carpets I thought was always well cleaned until I used this vacuum! I was astonished at how much dirt and dust and hair was sucked up. Even after I had hoovered with my previous own vacuum (not a shark product)

The biggest feature I found was incredibly useful was the vacuum controls placed on the hop handle. Not having to bend down to stop start or change floor types was a great and unexpected much needed feature. I made hoovering quicker and easier. Fact- I was able to do a complete house deep clean inn under 45 mins. Thehomeslogg record.

Since playing around with this product I have let my mum, sister and grandad play around with this upright vacuum. all at different ages with different disabilities. All of them are even going to purchase their very own shark upright vacuum anti hair wrap modal.

Is it worth the money!

As I said above for true transparency I was gifted this item to review. However if I had purchased this product I wouldn’t be disappointed at the £399.99 price tag. The benefits, quality of the product and performance is worth the money. and I can tell this vacuum is built to last. I certainly will be purchasing from shark clean in the future.

I Will be uploading a Youtube review so you can see with your own eyes how great this modal is. If there is anything I have left out on this review or you have a questions leave a comment or get in contact. I’l be sure to answer any Questions about this product on the video.

[ad] Upright Vacuum Cleaner XL with Powered Lift-Away & TruePet PZ1000UKT

Gifted product – Shark Anti Hair Wrap Upright Vacuum Cleaner XL with Powered Lift-Away & TruePet PZ1000UKT

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