Neutral Mykonos Garden Design Ideas

lounge chair on wooden tropical terrace

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Neutral decor scheme can provide the ultimate relaxing retreat, there’s no doubt about that. Embracing all the shades of brown, grey, black, and white. Neutrals are both loved for their safety, versatility and ability to play well with others with that jazz soothing vibes. But does neutral decor predominantly be restricted to your interiors or can they be used in your garden? In my opinion the answer is a straight forward NO. Neutral garden decor can work just as beautiful outside as well as in.

You only need to look at the picturesque sights of Mykonos, Ibiza even Bali. The neutral colour palette and clean lines promotes tranquility. My trips to Mykonos Greece have always been the most relaxed. Using all the earthy tones in your outdoor space will play well with any garden landscape backdrop.

When choosing your neutral dominant tone, a great start can be white or beige as your background accent. Either on a rendered wall or painted brick work? Patio or gravel?

White can feel cool, which is why sunny spots like the Mediterranean use it so much. Use wooden furniture wooden furniture to warm the space up as well as add contrast to your space.

While adding contrast of colour with wooden furniture. Create contrast moments with textures. Being outdoors is all about different tactile feels. By adding a number of different materials to your garden doesn’t necessarily mean stone work.

This can be all done within the accessories, which can also double up to create much much more than feel factor. A jute rug can ground and zone off an area. A bamboo pouffe can be additional seating. Terracotta Pots house those pretty flowers which will sing next to any neutral colour tone. And that seagrass shade will add some much needed lighting when the sun goes down.

All these textures and colours are what’s typically seen in your 5* Mykonos retreat.

If not all these materials are all neutral in tone. Providing the ultimate relaxing retreat. Throw in a wooden pergola for that cherry blossom to wrap around, you have a Mediterranean heaven in your back yard.

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