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Hi, im sakina. I’m a 30 year old something wife and mother, not that those two descriptions define me but this part of my life is the most important. I’m also a daughter and a sister but this is my first post so I should keep some thing back for the next one.

I was born and bred in Devon, the ocean city of England known as Plymouth and for 17 years of my life I lived there. I’ve always been curious as a child, full of adventure and as soon as I turned 18 I left the little city known by its lighthouse to start my journey into adult life.

Fast forward 16 years and I’m back in the county I grew up raising my son, still figuring out how to play adult.

So why thehomeslogg? why start this blog?

The last 16 years iv been working in the hairdressing industry for a large global corporate company. I travelled the Uk working in 4 of their 360 salons. I went on to be selected to take part in their product expert training programme, which led me to have the opportunity to work at London Fashion week and show case my work in front of my peers, via demos.

I digress, a little, but I wanted to share where my creative background and probably my need to share stems from. Working in a fashion led company wasn’t just about trims or asking about clients holiday destinations, but a space to push creative boundaries.

Fashion and hair has always been two industries that fit side by side both influencing each other. I love fashion and how you can play around with textures and textiles, how mixing and matching can compliment, enhance or change a look. How you wear your hair and makeup has the same effect.

It is these two passions of my day job that led me to start playing with the artistries in interior.

So how did it start? in 16 years we have moved home 13 times, yes 13 times we have boxed up our lives and switched to new bricks and tiles. Each time I would unpack our belongings and get them to fit the new space. In hair you look at a style on a client and you figure out how to enhance or make the shape look better. I started to home into those skills (pun not intended) and get to work, improving the best way to use a space and enhance its features.

As much as I love interiors and have some idea about light and shade, depth and textures, I am a complete novice in the interior department. Yes the above makes me sound like Iv got it all figured out, but the honest truth I don’t. Iv had my DIY mishaps and I’m still learning. I wanted to learn more, collect, document and share my experiences with other self proclaimed DIY interior lovers my mishap and bargains finds. Whallah thehomeslogg instagram account was born.

Fast forward a year and I’m part of a growing DIY, pampas loving community.

Which brings me here to my blog. My little space on the internet. if you’ve got to the bottom of this blog you will see that my stories can go long. lol. I tend to run out of space under the captions of my squares on the Instagram grid. Thehomeslogg is my little space on the internet for me to be able to give a little more detail to my experiences.

Id love for us to hang out, so bring a cuppa tea there’s so much to talk about.

much love

S. x

Photo outfit linked below

Blue jumper from KarenMillan

Blue jogger from KarenMillan

Gold necklace from NewLook

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7 thoughts on “First blog post

  1. Omg I love your post on Instagram and I hope that you can replicate that on to this blog I can’t wait for the next one xxx

  2. What’s a wonderful blog this is. So glad I’ve stubbled onto it. Can’t wait to for your next post.

  3. Wonderful and warm first blog. You’ve really painted a picture of your journey in my head. I will definitely grab a cuppa and will make sure I follow thehomeslogg on Instagram!

    1. hey,
      I’m thrilled your able to hang out. be sure to grab you cuppa at 6pm uk time that’s when the next conversation will hit. 🙂

  4. Funny blog title!! 😀

    Since this is sorta MY line of business, may I suggest a one-upper? HomeSlogger (too bad the plural of home isn’t “homeb”, right? #ThenAgainIfItWasItProbablyWouldntBeAvailableAnymore 😉 )

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