Garden Essentials for the summer

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I think it’s safe to say now that the warmer summer months are upon us, we will be spending more time in our gardens. who’s looking forward to making the most of these longer sunshine hours and warmer temperatures? From garden parties barbecues to chilling on sun loungers with a good book, garden essentials is what make relaxing in your outdoor space a tranquil indoor outdoor living atmosphere. Whichever, the reason you need to vamp up your outdoor space i have some top tips for entertaining family and friends this summer. From cosy fire pits – to on trend lighting, here are my favourite garden essentials to make your staycation this summer better than ever.

Get comfy

Hosting in the garden? If your patio looks a little plain or your furniture has seen better days? Pick up these garden furniture essentials. Rattern furniture continues to be a garden must favourite. Being able to stay outside in all weathers it’s an obvious reason why. With many sets including multi functional side/coffee tables. You can have plenty of flexibility when it comes to seating and comfort for all your friends and family. You may not have the space or want for furniture sets. Chairs or lounges could be your go to. Why not opt for a wooden deck chair or bean bag or sun lounger or maybe a mixture of all three? There is plenty of seating options to suit your style or seating needs.

Seek covered space.

Sunshine or not- this is the U.K. and you need to be prepared for the unpredictable British weather and our infamous rain showers. A sturdy and stylish parasol offers basic protection when that sun is beaming down on you. Where else a Gazebo protects you from sun and rain while creating another room outdoors perfect for socialising.

Cook up a feast

A brilliant BBQ is a must for that alfresco outdoor entertainment. Maybe you have been thinking of upgrading from those garage ready throw away bbqs. Why not consider a gas and charcoal hybrid giving you optional and flex between different bbq cooking styles.

Alfresco dinning

Eating out alfresco style can’t be beaten on a full-height table. But if you have limited space don’t be discouraged. A lot of outdoors dinning sets come with folding chairs and additional cushions making for a comfortable dining experience. Sometimes looking at your space and utilising the shape of the table set can make for a space saver. Weather it’s round or square or rectangle? Two seats four seats or ten? There’s an alfresco moment for any space.

Table serving

You’ve got your table and you have your chairs ready but how will you serve your hungry party goers. I love organising an all over table spread with different serving bowls where my guest can help themselves. Some call it lazy hosting i think it’s smart. Serve your guest their summer feast with different serving platters so you can spend more time joining in the summer fun than playing waiters. Why not make your table look pretty with summer table scopes for a high end hotel banquet or an instagram look.

Light up your garden

No matter the size of your garden or outdoor space. Make the most of the long summer evenings with string lighting or lanterns.The right lighting can make your evenings feel magical. Use vintage lightbulb festoon lights for a laid back boho vibe. Or faux flickering patterns for a more majestic romance feel.

Keeping toasty

Although the weathers warmer during the day. Temperatures still drop significantly at night. To keep your guest of family warm at night, a fire pit is a must. Consider what you want from a fire pit? If it’s only light and warmth you can use a fire pit table or chamney which will produce heat for a decent amount of people. If your also wanting to cook from it, there is so many hybrid option out there.

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