Bougjee Brands on a Basic Budget.

I have worked for a fashion based company for my entire short adult life. I have been incredibly grateful to work with some amazing talents that are the organ grinders behind this large industry. From photographers, stylists to designers, makeup artist and editors of glossy magazines to name a few. These artistic creators are a significant part of the Fashion world. Each and everyone of these seperate professions all interlink with each other- like the circle of life ( que lion king sound track)

So Perhaps your opinion is that you are not influenced in fashion in anyway. I’d have to challenge you. Im in danger of quoting another film here ‘the devil wears prada’ springs to mind. But although you may not be influenced by fashion that is trend led, you certainly are influenced to buy garments! Thats unless you walk around naked.? Weather its a raincoat for the winter. Or a pair of walking boots for your hike. A designer has created that and all its features to benefit you and your needs!

What do I like?

I have always loved fashion. And after having the pleasure to experiences working backstage at London Fashion Week – on Fashion shoots. I have even more of an appreciation of the visionary these brands go through to please us a consumer. The quality of designer brands is insane, regardless of what you believe. In my opinion the materials and craftsmanship is always better.

Having said that however, the new Fast Fashion trend isn’t my bag either (pun not intended). I do not protest to be an eco saint. And this is not to be interpretatd as a lecture. As I drive a diesel car, but I do try to be as sustainable as I can. Fast fashion rotates a new trend led piece every week. And It is in fact the growing contributor to the worlds waste. So I tend to try not to be influenced to purchase fast fashion, If any of it at all.

Boujee or Basic

Now question? boujee brands or basic budget? Im kinda one of those that is in-between. I love luxury designer brands but realistically I don’t have the capital to invest my wardrobe solely in lux wear. Im more of a basic budget type as my purse strings feel more comfortable being stretched to the more affordable high street prices.

High street.

High street brands have become more and more beautiful in regards to there designs. In fact some stores have even gone as far to creating garments or shoes identical to their more expensive fashion houses rivals. Primark recently released a shoe identical to the Gucci loafer. 10% cheaper than the Italian fashion brand.

The quality in high street brands over the years has become much better too. Using 100% cotton or a cashmere blend is now a very typical thing to see on the back of the wash labels of some high street clothes.

Iv navigated off topic a little bit but as I was saying I like to shop a little bit of both. The main bulk of my wardrobe is definitely more affordable, with the odd splurge here and there. When splashing the cash on designer pieces it tends to be more fixated in the accessory department like a bag or belt. Something I can mix and match with a number of different outfits. I have to say I deviate from seasonal trends as stunning as they are.


I heavily invest my money in the classics purely for the fact I want my lux items to have longevity and versatility. Like my black GucciOphidia shoulder bag, instead of a colour block I went for the classic black so I could coordinate this bag with a number of looks, iv been known to wear it with my joggers to get milk recently and would look fab at any shindig should id be invited to. May I also add that this bag has Gucci’s eco features, again not an eco preacher but its a good feeling, another sustainable win.

Classics are simply that, classic. They are timeless statements and something that will stand the test of time. However, like I said before, my purse isn’t built with lining that prints cash. So I like my investments to be wearable for years to come.

It in ables me to be able to mix and match and wear between designer brands and highstreet. In fact its a cool trick a lot of fashionistas are doing. Styling a designer shoe or bag with a highstreet outfit. The rules have changed from dripping in head to toe of designer gear to a more understated blend of highstreet and highprices.

Good news for folks like me that have an appreciation for the expensive fashion houses that have been around for decades.


So how do I manage to do both on a small budget? Theres no magic solution I’m afraid its just old fashion SAVING. I tend to save my birthday and Christmas money. Trust me those £5 notes your Great aunt and Grandparents put in your cards soon add up.

Infact the main big saving is because I’m not enticed in fast fashion spending trend of a new top or outfit every week. I have friends that buy something new every week and because its so cheap they are comfortable in doing so. One of my friends openly saids she averagely spends between £30-£50 on a fast fashion site.

These spending habits of £30 a week on a new outfit is just something I don’t do. As I said above I generally stay away from fast fashion trends. Quick math for you but £30 x 52 weeks is a saving of £1,560.

And that’s how i do it. I tend to save and buy one or two luxury items a year. However, I have thought about going down the pre- owned route. I haven’t done that as yet, it’s not because I’m not turned off by the idea of having something pre-owned. Iv been very close to it in the past. For me its all about the experience. For having saved for so long. I do like to go into a store and have the associate hand me my purchase, in the brands beautifully packaged bag and box. It just feels magical.

Final thoughts.

Just like my luxury items. My high street finds, is brought in mind that I can rewear them season to season. Like a classic black parka or a camel over coat for the autumn months. Each clothing I buy is so I can sustain it year on year basis. This means I have more money to spend on the little luxuries, I see when working backstage on London fashion week.

I don’t think there is a right or wrong answer on the question should you buy luxury over highstreet. I think we all like a little luxury from time to time, and I don’t think anyone would turn down a bargain. What ever your budget what ever you buy it is because you love it, need it or want it. However, if someone wants to buy a skirt at £400 or a jumper for £20 each to there own. live and let live I say.

Thanks for joining me, until next time.

Much love

S x

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