It’s been a minute.

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Wowzers, it been a whole 2 months since my last blogpost. It’s feels quite literally a whole minute ago, since I wrote down our little day trip to a local beach. Firstly I’d like to apologise for my absence on the blog. I will start to get back and endeavour to reply to each and every question you’ve sent my way during my short break.

So what’s drastically happened to keep me from Thehomeslogg??

Short part of it Nothing. #awkwardanticlimax

It’s just been one of those two months where life and living keeps you busy. There has been no time to focus on any of my hobbies or anything else that you would do in my spare time. In an ideal world I would love to have my full time Job as a blogger, as I enjoy writing my thoughts down and interacting with you all. The reality is that I have a day job that too is my love and passion.

So i’v been trying to figure out how I can have my cake and eat it – and try and do both. Its working out tricky but as every established writer or blogger will tell you, its all bout scheduling! Scheduling has been rather difficult for someone who lives for and in the moment. However, I think I have a handle on it now so prepare to see more of me and more blogpost. (not sure if that’s a good thing or not- haha)

It’s not just been all work, there has been some play in my life. when I say play I mean DIY. Like creating steps in the front garden and landscaping our top terrace, all this I will start to upload on the blog. As although i’v not written my experiences down, I still have been documenting it true social-media – geno style. If you want to have a wee sneak peak then head over to my instagram squares as iv been rather active over there in that space.

But for now happy Sunday, and to all those Footy supporters watching the euro 2021 finals today, Good luck and enjoy!

Thanks for joining me

S x

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