Mother’s Day Gift Ideas 2021

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Happy March everyone! The home to U.Ks spring and Mother’s day. I know my fellow American friends celebrate mothers day in may. However, here in the U.K the day that all mothers and motherly role models alike relax and unwind is fast approaching. The 14th march to be exact.

I love that we set aside a whole day to honour and celebrate the women in our lives who raised us. My mum was an amazing mother who has dedicated her whole life to myself and my threes sibblings. She is selfless yet strong- and the most beautiful woman I know. Mother’s Day holds a special place in my own heart, because of my 14 year old son who made me a mum. Through out the years, I have loved waking up to his little feet bringing me the handmade gifts he poured his heart making. These are the moments that remind me motherhood is a gift! And fostering my not so little man’s growth is my favorite job of all!

Having a caring mother really is a blessing which often goes underappreciated. Whether or not you gift your mother with something this year. What’s most important is showing her just how much she really means to you. With lockdown restrictions continuing over this annual celebration of great women. Spending Mother’s Day together isn’t on the cards for everyone. However, I have picked out some beautiful gift ideas you can send to someone special. Making your love one Mothers day as lovely as it can be, while we go through the last stages of these restrictions.

Out of all my little section of gift ideas, I have to say this has to be my favourite!

This Marks & Spenser [ad] Continental breakfast in bed set is such a fab idea! Especially if your mum is not part of your house hold. You can treat your mum to a delicious breakfast in bed, and still keep to govenment restrictions requirements. Meaning your special lady can tuck into a scrumptious selection of breakfast pastries, strawberry jam and marmalade and enjoy with Colombian coffee or luxury tea.

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