What I have brought from Amazon 2021

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At the beginning of every year through to spring i get my home in some very much needed organised space. This year i have used Amazon to purchase my organising gimmicks to help control the clutter in my kitchen, wardrobe space and bathroom.

It’s no secret that Amazon has an amazing collection of pantry hacks and space saving solutions. There is many time i have been i a rabbit hole of amazon must have finds and my save for later basket is near on full. But here’s a few of my recent purchases and favourite finds of the giant collector of businesses.

Extra large glass storage jars.

I love these extra large 6 litre storage jars. They are so handy when you are wanting to store large volume items. I recently purchased them to decanter all my partners protein powder. They look a lot more beautiful on our kitchen counter than the plastic tubs they came in. You can use them for oats, flour, biscuits. Any food store you like and with a the rubber seal keep your food fresh. 

Coat hanger

Using matching coat hangers instantly make any cluttered closet look a lot tidier and neater. I love these silver coat hangers with the knot detail, which looks modern and unique. They will update any wardrobe space, and being mental take up less room in the closet so you can fit more clothes. Fantastic for those fashionista  shopaholics. 

Trouser hangers

I love trouser hangers for hanging up skirts, shorts and trousers. They create a more flattering look in your wardrobe and create a lot more space, and I’m all for space saving. I love the oak wood and the metal detail gives them a modern twist. 

T shirt organiser

This is such a cool idea. I love this clear stackable T-shirt or jumper organiser for your draws. I am able to flick through my clothing without unfolding the other garments. Keeping my draws clean and tidy.

Draw organiser

There’s nothing more satisfying than opening your draws and seeing everything so neatly and organised. Theses grey draw separators are so easy to configure to bespoke fit into your draws. And they are able to store flat when they aren’t being used, making them easy to store away. They come in an assortment of sizes to use with a number of garments. Your never have a rouge sock in your underwear section again. 

Tv led lights

This gadget is not so much a storage organiser but it has transformed our cinema room. One thing we did regret when we installed our home media space was the lack of led lighting. Led lighting helps create ambiance when playing video  games and while watching movies. These simple led lights are so easy and practically wire free. They have a peel and stick design which is so simple to use. Just stick onto the back of your tv. No need for a plug as these have a USB connection, so no nasty untidy wires will be on show. Giving you a modern seamless finish.

Wrapping paper storage 

Tidy up your crafts and wrapping paper with this great wrapping paper storage. With handy compartments that are size changeable to store cello-tape, bows, tags or any other crafting paper and assortments you may have. It also has handy clear zipable pockets so you can see exactly what you have. 

What’s in my save for later basket!

I love Amazons save for later feature, its an easier way to be able to navigate items I want for the future with out them getting lost. I also like that if ever they go out of stock amazon will give me a similar item that is arable. Here is a few items that I thought were great organisers but haven’t reached my shopping basket just yet.

I have an amazon store page. Join me here for all the amazon bargains I love!

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