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We are all currently spending a lot more time inside looking at the same old walls! I’m finding I’m looking around  my home thinking, what can I up date or transform to curb the boredom?

If you follow me on Instagram, you would of followed my lockdown 2020 redecorate journey. Where i started painting everything insight! –  It has now left me with a  few bare walls, especially our newly painted hallway.  At first i was digging the fresh stark white bright walls. However, after spending a good 7 months going nowhere the plain walls are starting to get a little bit – uhh boring.  So  I’m desperate to inject some interest Into the space!

If like me your bored of the same plain walls?  Or perhaps walls with imperfections? and have no time to decorate?  Well not too worry, because if you head over to Desenio; you will find hundreds of posters and wall art at affordable prices.   And the best bit peeps – I have a discount code to share with you!  

So why do i love desenio so much? Here is my top 4 reasons why i choose Desenio!

Desenio have a brilliant selection of posters – from inspirational quotes to pretty illustrations and artsy photography, that even the most critical art ‘snobs’ will love.  The  brand’s extremely affordable price point also means you can stock up and create fabulous feature walls.

When it comes to gallery walls, you are either in the “anything goes” camp, or the “micromanaging” camp. In all honesty  I am definitely too indecisive to be in any camp. Having said that I do get confused about what will go where.

photo; Desenio

However, Desenio has it covered with their gallery wall generator tool.   The wall generator tool is a godsend.  – It  allows you to choose your wall colour and a  room set-up. Choose a  gallery wall layout you like the look of, select your prints and then the frames to go with them. All in a true unique combination. Then once you are happy with your design, you can just add it to your basket and you’re all set.

If like me your interior flavour changes like the British weather.  Buying new designs and putting together new ensembles allows you to easily and affordably change your decor to reflect what you’re into at the moment.

For example, you can buy a picture collage for a kitchen with gorgeous photographic designs for a more modern interior style, or you can get a stylish gallery wall for a living room with minimalist illustrations that fit perfectly into a Scandinavian interior design style.

With a vast collection of selection, Desenio has the latest in art and design.

photo Desenio

You can add so much ambiance and feeling into a home with just wall art. Hanging art or prints is an easy way to create your own personal atmosphere and style!

Not only do they  follow the latest interior trends but they also offer classic and timeless designs.

Art should be for anyone and everyone! So no matter your art bag there is thousands of pieces of wall art in countless different designs. Whether you want to decorate a bedroom, a small hallway, an office or your entire home! There is something for someone!

Whatever your style and preferences, You can find wall art to suit your home.

I found something fun for our downstairs loo and purchased ‘the waiting on the toilet print’!  It’s definitely a conversation starter when friends come round for dinner.  ( – counting down the days when lockdown is over and the dinner parties resume) I also love my royal punk poster that is in our snug. It provides a cool modern statement to our tradition home.

Desenio has a wide range of different designs, including photographic prints, ( like our powder room print above) classic black & white images, cool retro wall art, modern abstract art, illustrations, beautiful wall art for kids and much more. The choices and possibilities are endless – they’re only limited by your imagination.

I can’t tell you how many times I have bought a new print and had it sat in the tube for months on end, waiting for me to pull my finger out and order a frame for it. Resulting in me forgetting the print size then  ending  up buying the wrong size frame. When I buy from Desenio I never have that problem as they have frames available to buy with your print. When you pop add print to your basket, they also give you a helping hand with the correct frame to fit your chosen print. The experience unrolling a set of new prints, then popping them straight into a brand new perfectly fitting frame – Ready to go on the wall within minutes! Brings the most smug satisfaction feeling.

The frames are available in black, white, copper, silver, gold and oak. I always tend to go with a  black frame. To keep it simple, and flexible as I always like the option of switching the prints in the future.

Eco Minded.

Another impressive  thing about Desenio, is their strides to limit there carbon footprint, and be a more sustainable brand! At Desenio, the sustainability of their products is at the heart of the mission. Working with eco-conscious paper mills to create art prints, and using premium uncoated, age-resistant paper to ensure the durability of  the prints. Desenio is an FSC® certified company, which means that the trees used in the production of art prints are harvested in a responsible way that provides environmental, social and economic benefits for everyone involved.  And as a consumer that’s all you ask from a brand to at least try to stride to do better.

So if you are in the market to update your walls, then this discount code will come in useful! The code: XTHEHOMESLOGG  at checkout, gives you 10% off prints * and is only available to use until  the 30th January 2021 *not valid on frames nor handpicked or personalised prints.

Happy Shopping!

For complete transparency, as a long standing paying customer I am proud to share with you guys , that I have Just become a Desenio Brand Ambassador. Although I have purchased my Prints with my own money . Due to my ambassadorship I may receive rewards in the form of gift cards or commission in the future from any sales made with my code.

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