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The year 2021 hasn’t gone off with a great start here in the U.K. We are in week 2 of a third nationwide lockdown, due to the rise of a new variant of corona virus. I personally don’t feel that any three lockdown has felt the same. I know I am doing things differently this time round in comparison to the other two.

Considering this is our third lockdown. Have we all become experts of surviving through this isolation period? With the experience of lockdown one and two under my belt. I still have those small times I struggle to get motivated!I even have moments where I’m fighting within my own thoughts. How we all deal with another lockdown is very much on a personal level. Some people are still very much working through this pandemic while others are on the furlough scheme. You could be WFH or home schooling? Living with family or staying on your own?

I am not sure if I have mentioned this about myself yet here on Thehomeslogg but my family and I are military family. Being a military family we have over 17 years of experience in isolation and absence. When my partner is on deployment we go months without having any kind of communication or contact. I think this has been most useful helping us be prepared in a way, to tackle this unprecedented situation. I have put together a few little tips and tricks we use to help us tackle those lockdown blues.

Groundhog day

This is probably one of the most hardest yet most important practises to get you through a ground hog day or lockdown. Keeping some kind of routine and plan for the week ahead, will help you’re motivation and you’re mental health. It gives your day a structure, a purpose. Especially if your home on furlough and not working or homeschooling.

Keeping your working life routine as it would be on a normal day, will not only benefit you when you come back to work. But helps give you structure. If you get up at 7am for work continue to get up at 7am, keeping some form of normality we crave to your day.

You may argue with yourself and say you have nothing to get up for? I know I have had many of those thought tantrums this lockdown. However, If you make yourself a list of things you need to do and achieve you can schedule those plans into your week. Creating work and activities for you to do. For example I wrote a list of jobs I needed doing in my home.

  • Wardrobe organising
  • Pantry clear out
  • Office clearout
  • Makeup clearout
  • and garage clearout

Each day and each week I scheduled those jobs as ‘work’ plans as my ‘working day’. Giving my self the same day off I would genually have. It is surprising how long each of these tasks take each day. Plus a good clear out is always good for the soul. Use a journal to help you keep on track or even write down your thoughts for that day. It’s always motivating looking over what you have managed to achieved and keeping track and staying focus of your goals.

What day is it?

The days and weeks can role into one big blur. Plan to do the same or similar tasks on certain days of the week. This will help you keep track of what day it actually is, and give you something to look forward to. We plan certain meals for certain days of the week. For example curry night is Wednesday night. It helps us remember we are half way through the week.

Self Care

A sound bite that we all are hearing lately and for good reason! Self care is equally important to incorporate into our busy lives and not so busy lives. Just taking out 15 minutes of your day, week or month a time just for you, to fully dementalise from the stress of your worries. Take that extra time in the shower or run a weekly bath with relaxing bath salts and a good book. Yes the salons and spas maybe closed for you to get your treatments done. However, there is so many great home care product options for you to use at home. That little mini home pamper session may not feel exactly like what you get from the professionals. However, that feeling after you have used a facial scrub or put a hair treatment on. Is simply wonderfully up-lifting.

How we take care of ourselves through the seasons will differ. I find in the winter weather my skin and hair need different treatments to what I may use in the summer. Let me know in the comments if you would like me to write a post on my 10 top hair and beauty products for winter regenerating.

Keep In Contact

Although we can not meet up with our love ones, checking in on them via FaceTime, zoom, video call, email, text or even a good old fashion phone call and letter is so so important. There is so many new virtual intiatives to keep you all connected. Physh for example an app that allows you with your smart phone play games with friends and family. We love playing this game. we played it over Christmas and we haven’t stopped. Arrange a social distance takeaway night. Each household orders a takeaway for the same time, video call each other and enjoy a catch up virtually. What ever your doing to keep in the know with your love ones is important interaction for you and for them.

Keep Hydrated

I don’t know tif this one is obvious I know, but this is something I struggled with in the first lockdown.. Forgetting to drink. I’d be so busy with homeschooling and keeping house I just forgot to drink water. I would then mistake my thirst for hunger and snack the day away. Which meant those lockdown pounds slowly creeped on the hips. Make sure your drinking plenty of fluid. flushing out all those bad toxins and prevents you from reaching to the cookie jar when boredom sits in.


Exercise I guess is very much like self care. Good for mental health as well as a physical. Exercise releases indorphines a feel good hormone, and that walk around the local park will be just what you need to realise those natural feel good factors. This could also be a great opportunity while your not in work to take up that fitness routine you never had time for. If you are working, taking 30 mins out of your day to do some form of activity outside work will help you destress and switch up that eat – work – repeat.

Regardless if there is a little rain or not, wrap up warm and get outside. The fitness routine doesn’t have to be strenuous, a simple walk around where you live getting your heart pumping, may be the change of scenery you’re after, and your keeping active while doing so. Winner!

Can’t get out side? Turn to YouTube, it is saturated with home workouts for all levels of fitness. You don’t even need a home gym or equipment to get physical. There is lots of fitness tutorials with use and without use of equipment. Or just simple resistance bands can work wonders to incorporate into your home with out bulky weights! We use these here in our own home gym.

Keep Your Mind Active

I know we touched up on the importance of exercise for the body, but I feel keeping your mind and brain active is another plan of action to get through those lockdown lows. It could be reading a new book that your friend has recommended, trying out that new baking recipe you saw on bake off or even taking up a new hobby. I read somewhere one of Pinterest top hit searches was ‘how to knit”

Thinking of changing career? You could look into learning and qualifying in your chosen passion with an online course. Don’t want to take it that seriously there are also learning hubs for you to just try out for fun. It could be that you want to learn a brand new language or how to make jewellery. check out the centre of execellence (recommended by my sister in-law) to see if any courses they are offering takes your fancy? There is also a list of online course on the gov.co.uk website You never know you could be walking out of lockdown with a new career prospect or fluent in espanöl ready for that ibiza holiday with the girls.

It’s Normal To Have Down Days

Now I am not an expert when it comes to anything regarding mental health and I do not pretend to know. I speak from my own experiences that has helped me. Remember it is normal to have bad days and good days when your isolated from friends and family. If you are having an off day reach out to a friend or a love one and try and talk about what is troubling you. A problem shared is a problem halved as they say. When my partner was on deployment unreachable and we lived in the middle of nowhere in Scotland with a new born baby. That phone call to my mum or sister discussing my bad days, was an absolute life line. Whatever you put in place to help you pass the time in lockdown x3 will be for your own personal needs. What works for me may not work for you. However, some of my ideas may just get inspired to put together your own Lockdown survival pack.

Thankyou so much for joining, until next time

Much Love

S x

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  1. I love this post! You couldn’t have said it better. I live in California and we’re the same. Everything is pretty much locked down… can order takeout only, go grocery shopping, work, etc … but nothing really fun. We’re becoming experts at this.

    1. I didn’t realise California was in lockdown too. How is it all going? I hope your keeping well?

      We can’t meet up with people here in the U.K. inside or out. Just stay as you are as a household. Most people can’t go to work either only certain work sectors. Is that the same for you?

      We are absolutely becoming experts. Does it make us any more prepared? I don’t know? Keep safe!

    1. Thankyou so much for reading. I know working out can make you feel so much better and boosts your energy. I could never understand how using energy by moving could give you so much energy haha 😆 amazing 🤩

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