Three Trend Goals and promises for 2021

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Setting a resolution or a goal in 2021 will probably follow the same theme like last year, a little different. With many restrictions from 2020 transferring over to 2021 and tighter. Those trying to achieve goals that include travel, may decide to complete that bucket list in say – 2022. So what does that mean for our annual goal making season? Will it have an impact on how we choose our resolutions? Is there any point? I for one am going to carry on this yearly tradition. They may be different to how I plan them, and they may not include travel, however there is some goals I’d like to accomplish.

What are my goals?

In some ways lockdown 2020 has encouraged me to kick some habits I’d always regrettably return to. Making this years resolution list a lot smaller. There is definitely somethings that from last years restricted measures I have now ingrained in my daily routine. I have managed to kick the ever so expensive ‘coffee trips on my lunch break‘. With a costa caffe latte – large, costing £2.65 and with Covid safe work restrictions meaning we can’t leave the premises. Believe it all not i have managed to save £13.25 a week on coffee. That’s £569.75 Since this pandemic started. Caffeine habit kicked, with money saving as a twofer.

Which bring me to my first resolution, spending time with my family. Due to the current restrictions in place this will have to be one of those promises that happen later in the year. After last years experience, It’s certainly helped me realise what is important, and what i can live with, or live with out. For example spending time with family and friends over material things. As handy as amazon had been In 2020, I’d much prefer to have been able to see my mum on my door step, over dan our delivery driver. I missed the most simplest thing, a roast dinner on a Sunday with all the family. So when it’s safe to do so and restrictions are lifted, Sunday’s are being reserved for family.

With caffeine out of my life, I have decided to quiet sugar. Over last year my intake of fizzy and sugary treats has sky rocketed, probably to replace the caffeine i’v lost. I know with food and diet the best chance for success is to have this goal as a slow burner. From past experiences cutting sugar out completely cold turkey Style only causes headaches, exhaustion, brain fog and irritability. Incouringing to give up on the sugar combat goal. The plan This time is to eliminate one form of refined sugar each week, until processed sugar has disappeared from my diet completely. There is so many health benefits to kicking out the sweet taste apart from the obvious weight loss. But better sleep patterns, Lower heart disease, better nutrition, better teeth and skin to name just a few. Of course i will blog about my journey to 0 sugar.

Cutting sugar out of my life, I intend to bring exercise in. Unfortunately I missed last years lockdown home work out boom to due to injury. However this year i intend to work on getting back some level of fitness motivation. Starting off with getting my step count up and incorporating yoga. I feel yoga will bring many benefits to keep me driven. Not only will yoga help with stretching out old injuries, but away of killing to birds with one stone exercise and mental sweat.

Having picked goals and promises across the general family, diet and fitness. The last popular goal Trend left would be a life goal. With so much uncertainty and direction for 2021 I didn‘t want to choose a goal work related with the danger of failing, especially with lockdown looming. I needed a realistic goal that I felt i had a fair chance at. So instead of my day job goals, my life goal is working on thehomeslogg. I love my little corner of the Internet and social media platforms. Meeting you guys and being expressive is just a few Positive I experience. The goal is to continue to build, getting to know you all and creating a better space. For example Set up a posting scheduled And actually post on time to name one.

I’m surprisingly really excited to start them.

You may of noticed iv only made three resolutions this year. As i said in my New year resolutions success guide, don’t bite off more than you can chew. I’m keeping to three this year so i can really focus on accomplishing them. Do you have any goals or resolutions this year? Let me know and let’s see if we can achieve them together. If your interested on how i get on with any of these goals make sure to subscribe for notifications on my next blog.

Thank you for joining, until next time

Much love

S x

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