What I got for Christmas 2020 and new year celebrations round up.

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Happy new year! Wow we made it to 2021. I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and a fabulous New Year’s Eve. I know that New Year celebrations were going to be a little bit different due to many of the UK restrictions. But I hope you had a lovely New Year’s Eve non the less.

At the beginning of December I started my very first blogmas or should I say The-Christmas-slogg. Being that my blog is only three months old, I think it went very well and I’d like to take the opportunity to say a huge thank you for your support. I’m aware there is room for improvement. Please do let me know in the comment section below.

I know a alot of bloggers end their Christmas blogs between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. However, traditionally there is 12 days of Christmas after the 25th of December. Don’t worry I’m not going to be continuing The-Christmas-slogg until the 5th of January. However, I thought I would carry on the-Christmas-slogg with one more post and wrap it up with a roundup of what I got  for Christmas, and how we celebrated new years eve. So let’s dive into into it.

What treats i got for Christmas;

Even though we had a quiet Christmas, I was still a very spoilt lady by my family. As you already know in my previous blogs my side of the family decided collectively together that we were not going to do a Christmas gift this year. Instead we would pile our money together to have a meal out together in the fanciest restaurant when it was safe to do so hopefully this year in 2021. However, I still got a few little treats from my immediate family as we did secret Santa and we also exchanged gifts with my in-laws.

I think my family members have actually read my gift guide as a few of them you will recognise from the blog.

My secret Santa was from my younger brother and he gifted me the Benefits beauty thrill. It’s consists of all my mini favourites from the brand porefessional, roller lash and gimme brow.

My Beautiful sister in-law gifted me the Laura Mercia pure canvas primer. The brands original flawless skin formula designed to keep makeup in place for longer.

From my mother in-law she kindly gave me a box set of bath, hair oil and a fragrance candle and From my father in-law and his partner an oversized snuggle hoodie. Anyone that knows me knows i love bath products and i live in my dressing gown. Now i will live in my snuggle hoodie.

I got theses beautiful Gucci leather horsebit web loafer from my wonderful partner. We promised each other no gifts like we do every year, yet we always pull out a last minute suprise. I was completely taken away by his generous gift, which featured in my gift guide for her. I absolutely love these shoes, i live in jeans and dresses and these classic Italian leathers will go with any outfit. He also gifted me the Gucci tights as a stocking filler. I have been wanting these peticular tights for such a long time, but they never had my size so I was extremely lucky he found them in my size.

What we did on New Year’s Eve;

New Year’s Eve wasn’t celebrated with a Big Bang, perhaps like the majority of the world. But however we were going into 2021 with a lot more optimism, we could see some end to the pandemic. For me New Year’s Eve started with an early start with work with an early afternoon finish. A quick trip to marks&Spencer’s for some food for the evening and home bound I went. Quick shower and I decided that even though we were staying in just the four of us (including Chester the pugalier) I was going to dress up for the occasion. When I say dress up I mean, brush my hair and get the red lippy on. I certainly wanted to make a night of it. I cracked open the bubbly to wash down our marks&spenser meal – which was oh so scrummy. We had crispy duck with pancake rolls and spare ribs, just little picky bites to accompany the last treat in a while cheese cake. -yum

We had We had such a lovely evening playing the app game Psych. ( a game I mentioned the Christmas holiday blog here. ) This game is great to play with family afreinds apart or together. Not before long we were counting backwards into the new year in.

happy 2021.

Starting the year as you mean to go on. I did However wake with a fuzzy head. I’m hoping that doesn’t count on the first day. Whichever, I did have a lovely cuppa brought to me in bed, by the handsome man in my life. I could definitely get used too that.

Every New Years day we always start with a healthy breakfast and we always have a roast dinner. A tradition, yes be it not with our extended family – but a roast dinner was had. One thing we did miss out on was our New Years day walk. Instead we chilled on the sofa as a family watching back to back movie favourites, like jamanji and willy wonker and the chocolate factory.

Now I know this is going to sound boojee but our next tradition of new year is, our New Years present. Yes – yes I know what your be thinking, do we not consume enough at Christmas? This long stead tradition my mother created when we was children, buying us a small thoughtful gift that would be very useful to use in the new year. These New Year tokens would be a new diary or calendar something that would be a consistent use for the new year ahead. Perhaps we were planning to move house that year so would gift us something to help with that. This little tradition I continued with my own small family.

This year I had noticed we all hadn’t had any fragrances given for Christmas. I knew this would be the perfect gift for us to take in through to the new year. beau perfume.

Is there any traditions you like to do fr New Years? id love to hear what you all got up too.

I have a lot planned for Thehomeslogg for 2021 but if you have anything you would like to see from me, please let me know below. I will always endeavour to accommodate. Look out for giveaways I have planned, make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss it.

Thankyou for joining, until next time .

Happy new year.

S x

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