As I spent most of it!

With a glass of adult juice in my hand. Lol.

Wow guys what a year it’s been!

This time last year I don’t think we could if foreseen what was to come…. well except twitter – #awks

As I take a million selfies for this post and crack open my last bottle of Laurent Perrier champagne (because for 2021 I vow to stop drinking – as much)

It’s great to look back at what we’ve all accomplished!

We have had to change the way of life we are accustomed to, social habits and traditions. We’ve had to combat and adapt working routines, some of us have even sadly lost jobs and businesses and forced to focused on a new career entirely.

We’ve even done a shit ton of DIY.


For a year of so many restrictions we’ve certainly achieved a lot! It proves, we as humans can tackle anything or any hurdle life chucks at us!

Today I raise a glass to our love ones that are sadly no longer with us, and remember their memory!

Id like to make a toast to our NHS, MILITARY AND KEY WORKERS Thankyou for all you have done this year, protecting us all and keeping our world spinning!

And just as importantly, to all of you guys! All 3798 on my thehomeslogg instagram (when I last checked ) and all of you here on the blog thehomeslogg, Thankyou for your support and the fact you all kept me sane!

I started this blog nearer the end of this year and I’m so grateful for the amount of love and support you have all given me! I look forward to next year What ever it will bring and I hope to continue to get to know each and everyone of you as I hope to continue my blogging journey.

S x

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