How we spent our Christmas holiday 2020

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It feels like a long time ago i wrote my blog post on how i was expecting to spend our Christmas 2020 – click here to read if you fancy a peek. It’s been 5 days since our Christmas festivities started and as every year, feels very short lived. First and foremost I hope you all had an incredible couple of days and that Santa was good to you all. I know for so many, Christmas was going to be very different to Christmas pasts. It’s with my greatest sincere that i hope you all made the best Christmas you possibly could. Spending it merry and eating your weight in chocolate and cheese.

As you might of read in my previous blog, we had a few new plans due to the restrictions here in the U.K. However, because our son now so much older. Organically Christmas was going to be different. The question is, did my well planned Christmas artillery workout? Or did they completely fall down the chimney. – see what I did there.

Celebrations started late Christmas Eve.

Christmas for us has been how we expected, I was working Christmas Eve morning and that went without a hitch. Finishing on time. Which meant I went out and did some last minute buying. I am a sucker for bargains. Christmas Eve always sees prices drop for little Christmas stocking filler nick knacks.

On my way home from work we managed to (social distance) drop presents off to my family on their door step. That was a lot harder than I thought. Seeing my nan and grandad after for so long, took all my might to not give them a hug. But we managed it. Wearing a mask instead of a Santa hat and standing on the drive at a good 4 meter distance. We were able to leave them their presents to keep them company.

It didn’t really start to feel like Christmas until we started our Christmas Eve past time tradition- prepping for Christmas dinner. For the third time running we used a local farm Eversfield Organic. We purchased the big bird- the turkey and all the trimmings. This company is amazing the produce is beautiful and if your in the Devon/Somerset area in the U.K. I can not recommend them enough. Not just for Christmas but for any time of the year. They provide a fantastic hamper for any occasion.

Inside our Christmas hamper we had the turkey and all the trimmings, fresh local cream and honey and a bottle of local vegan champagne. Fitting I know with a turkey dinner, but great accompaniment all the same. They also popped in a tea towel which looks great in the kitchen and some recipes cards with how to cook the ingredients that came in our hamper. We (I mean my hubby) is a great amituture cook and normally follows his own recipe. However, the recipe cards that accompanied the hamper had great ideas and it was rude not to give them a whirl. What a game changer! We are so glad we tried some new recipes as we have found some new long term favourites.

Once our traditional Christmas Eve food prep started it really felt like Christmas,

We poured a few drinks, cranked the Christmas music loud made a cheese board and sat to watch our Christmas Eve film of choice ‘The Greatest Showman’- spending the night singing along to the soundtrack – gosh it’s so catchy.

Having a 14 year old non-believer, this year it was the first year we didn’t put out a carrot and brandy for santa. I thought I’d be rather sad not creating the man in a red suit magic. But I must be honest, it wasn’t actually missed. We had such a lovely time as a family singing along to the film and playing games. It became very apparent that the old Saint Nick myth, doesn’t actually make our Christmas complete. Infact, I’m rather selfishly happy that now it’s myself that gets the credit for the great gifts. Rather than a made up legend. It was rather joyus to hear “Thankyou mum Thankyou dad“ instead of…. “Look Santa’s been”. After all it’s hard work hiding gifts from a curios teen.

Which brings me to Christmas Day,

This is where the day didn’t quite go to plan. Not In a devastating Christmas is ruined, but with new plans not actually being implemented. On my last blog post we planned to change things up a little with the order of when we conduct opening gifts. Having a teen boy that no longer writes santa a list, full of wanted goodies we thought we’d leave opening the gifts last on the agenda. However, although the excitement for santa may be a past time. Receiving gifts and knowing they are wrapped under the tree has not lost its appeal.

As you’ve probably guessed it. Opening presents later in the day just never happened. We were all far too excited to wait. Instead we kept the traditional chaotic rip opening gifts with excitement right where it belongs. In the first order of the day, as soon as we woke. Who was I kidding to try and change it.

Right after present opening we had breakfast which was French pastries and honey from the Christmas farm hamper, which was absolutely blooming scrumptious. There’s something about laying the table with fresh grounded coffee and a crossiant. I would do it everyday if my hips would allow.

After breakfast and the turkey placed in the oven, we went on our traditional Christmas Day walk. Who else likes to get out and grab some fresh air? It was perfect, Christmas Day was such a lovely crisp cold day with a little sun and no rain. Unusual for the british weather this time of year, where it either rains heavy or lightly snows. It was nice to feel fresh air on our face after all the cheese and pastries. Everyone is always on high spirits and it feels some what neighbourly wishing Christmas returns to strangers also on their Christmas Day walk.

Once back from our walk my hubby went to start on Christmas dinner. This is where I actually relax. He loves creating Christmas lunch, i think its his little escape from all the cheesy festive fun i insist on doing. The only job i have is to fill my glass full of bubbles and get the table looking like a scene from Downtown Abby.

Turkey lunch was incredible as i said above we used Eversfield Organic Farm and the whole meal was incredible. We (my husband) made French chestnuts wrapped in bacon instead of pigs and blankets. Which is a complete game changer for us. They were scrummy, and a fantastic alternative. We also changed the game with shredded Brussel sprouts with lemon instead of Brussels sprouts bacon and cream. Which was equally as good. We will definitely be adding them to Christmas lunch next year!

Christmas Day dinner with all the trimmings.

Christmas Day went so quickly considering we did so little and it was such a beautiful day. Even though we had to forfeit spending time with all the family. We made the most of the day, relaxing and just spending much needed time together off our phones with no distractions. Stripped back to basics with our own company a board game And of course the two C’s champagne and cheese.

Boxing Day walks is another tradition we managed to keep

Some people like to hit the sales and rush to spend there Christmas money on some boxing day bargains. We however, like to pull up our wellies and go on a big family walk. Where ever we are celebrating Christmas either Scotland, South Yorkshire or in our current home town in Devon. We always make sure we go out on a Boxing Day walking adventure. We are incredibly blessed to live right on the outskirts of the country side, on a national park called Dartmoor. It’s here we always venture on our two to three hour walks.

Shaugh Prior
Shaugh Prior

If you are ever in the Devon area I really recommend visiting this spot. Its a beautiful place with a fast flowing river the jewel of this great breath taking scenery. It’s a walk you can do come rain or shine, due to the tallest trees protecting you from the elements. We spent a good three hours here taking in nature walking off those goose fat cooked potatoes and tiring the dog out.

Shaugh Prior

It was back home for what was next on the menu. A hot shower, some left over turkey sandwiches and a hot cup of coco. With one tiered pooch and two exhausted adults tea had to be simple. On Boxing Day we normally roast a beef joint to acomply all the veg we buy. This year there was no roast beef joint. Instead we made our first ever turkey curry. I have seen so many other families use there left over turkey for Boxing Day meals, curries, casseroles bubble and squeak. So this year I thought we should give one a go. I’m so glad we did.

Due to restrictions, we couldn’t have the whole family around to enjoy it. Respectfully it would seem such a waste having two large roast dinners in a row. So we saved some money and made a curry. Turkey Masala was a success. Only using two pans, one for the rice and one for the curry. We didn’t create a sink full of dishes, which was a big hit considering our walk previous had completely knocked us for six.

The lack of washing up meant we had more time to play games. And the whole family was involved. This is where technology came into its own for this xmas. We found a new game that can be downloaded on an app called Psych.

Its a brilliant app from the creators of headsup. Choose from a variety of fun categories in which each player makes up fake answers to real trivia questions. You can choose the outrageous real answer among your friends’ fakes? Get points for guessing the right answer, and for each other player you PSYCH! into choosing yours. The most popular game we played was the brand new “And the Truth Comes Out” deck. Answer interesting questions about one another and choose your favourite answers!The banter is your oyster.

This is all done from the comfort of your home and phone. and you can be any where in the world to play. al you need is the code your game generates to share with those you want to play with. It definitely felt that the whole family was in the room playing. especially when we zoomed to see everyones reactions to the answers.

And just like that Christmas 2020 holidays was over.

I can not believe how fast our three days of Christmas came and went. I mean it’s crazy the amount of effort we put in which feels like it doesn’t last. Despite the uk restrictions over this festive holiday, as a family we managed to over come the doom and gloom of not seeing each other in the flesh and embraced this years Christmas for what it could be. With great technology that we have access too, we were able to connect to family and still see there smiling faces and managed to play games.

-Yes not in the traditional sense round a table together. But for us with the new innovation of party game apps, we had managed to connect with family that if otherwise would of been left out. We could play and see family that lived in opposite locations and still have a joyous time. For that I am humberly grateful.

I hope you too have tried to make the most of not seeing family in the flesh and managed to have as magical a Christmas you could possibly have. I know in the back of my mind I’m hoping to do a Christmas all again with family and friends when it is safe to do so. but until then I am quiet content with our very quiet understated Christmas we had has a little family.

From me and mine to you and yours I hope you had a Merry Christmas.

until next time

Much love

S x

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