Three simple tips to avoid Christmas burn out.

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It’s always the same every year, after declaring that i wont let it happen again! Or I’m doing things differently next year. Christmas burn out hits me and I start singing the same old tune, never again. Every Christmas i run into the season at full speed. Buying Christmas presents, adding extra shifts to my working life, taking on other people’s chores and celebrating the festivities like its my last. There is not a day in December, that a Plymouth Gin Winter cocktail is not in my hand. It takes cramming 23 days Straight of work and pre Christmas errands, to remind you that you are only human and need to take a rechargeable break.

I personally believe the key thing is to be realistic with ourselves. What I have learnt this year during this pandemic, is the importance of time, honesty and self worth. Time is so important it’s one of those life necessities once passed you can never get back. Mix that with honesty and you start to see, being realistic with what you can humanly achieve with your time isn’t admitting you can’t do enough, it’s simply ensuring that what you do achieve is to your best ability. Adding knowing myself worth into the above was the best thing i have ever done. Knowing what i can realistically achieve and then recognising that achievement, has completely changed my outlook in life. I feel i can go into this Christmas this year a lot more relaxed and with a lot less pressure.

Make Time.

However fast your running into Christmas or how hard you worked to finish that deadline at work, ensure that once a week you take extra time for you. Weather that’s an extra long soak in your spa bath or doing something you love. Take a moment to decompose mentally..

Be realistic.

After being completely honest with myself about what i can actually realistically achieve, I’m creating a similarly honest social Callander of my plans. This year with the Pandemic restrictions in place there is a lot less to fit in. In the sense that in person events will be limited. Planning and organising my time will mean that i can pick and prioritise the events that actually matter and that are important to me. Even if it is just planning your weekly self time out to ensure you actually get that self time out. Being organised with it written down will ensure you don’t over book your schedule. Having realistic bite size plans can also release the over whelming feeling that you haven’t done enough or left things to late. Remember to be realistic with your plans. And don’t over stretch yourself.

Know your Self worth.

Knowing your self worth is the best gift You can give yourself. I have always been a people pleaser, who never really mastered the word no. Or i can not. I would always take on far to much to benefit others with little gain for my self, if any. Now I’m not saying I’m going to become a grumpy stubbon grinch. However, I’ve decided that i’m going to become a little more choosy with my time and what i take on.

That means unless it’s impacting me or my family In a Worth while or meaningful way, I’m not doing it. What I’m trying to say is don’t let people take advantage of you. Know that you are worth more than what others would offer you back. If your work wants you to work more over the busy period ensure your not burning yourself out and your pay check is reflected with your hard work. Don’t be scared to negotiate a better wage over this time. Remember that employers take record sales over the festive period.

Try not to compare yourself to others and what they are doing or achieving. This time of year we are compelled to do what everyone else is doing. And worrying What gifts you should be buying. Be confident In yourself. What you do is enough and everyone’s circumstances is different, so comparing yourself to others is not a true reflection of your needs.

Keeping up with what everyone else is doing or buying is a lot of pressure. Remind yourself that your different and you don’t have to keep up with the Jones’s. What ever you do is right for you and your family.

With restrictions in place this year, I think we will all be forced to slow down over this festive period. I’m using this as a great opportunity to learn to relax and try and not experience that Christmas burn out I do every year.

What do you guys do to prevent Christmas burn out? I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas.

Thankyou for joining, until next time

Much Love

S x

4 thoughts on “Three simple tips to avoid Christmas burn out.

  1. Great tips!! It’s good to know your limits so you can give the best of your ability. ❤️ “Remind yourself that your different and you don’t have to keep up with the Jones’s.” Love that line!! I always try to buy gifts plenty of time before Christmas so I don’t feel rushed – that always prevents me from feeling burnt out. Merry Christmas! 🎄

    1. Hey, Thank you so much for reading. I do think we are compelled to always compare ourselves to others. That’s so much pressure.

      And what a great tip. Being prepared and organised in advance is a great idea. Thank you for sharing. I hope you have a lovely Xmas. X

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