Tearing up our Christmas rule book.

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For most Of us this year Christmas is going to look a little different. With local restrictions still in place here in the U.K. until the main event. The build up to the main show day is going to feel rather strange. I’m normally a christmaszilla with our festivities all planned out from the beginning of the month. We would normally have lots of parties and events lined up. One being visiting winter wonder land in London. Tradition dictates a weekend there enjoying the festive theme rides and getting our Christmas shopping. Locally we would visit our local national trust that puts on a big Festive light display around the park. This year we have however, I’ve decided to relax and rip up our rule book of traditions. Which has me surprisingly excited. I’m rather excited to try something different this year. Who knows we may find new traditions.

I love Christmas this season is my favourite. Our family like many families live all over the U.K.. Spending time together is always difficult to navigate with our hectic schedules. Christmas is the one part of the year, we all have time to finally get together. However my self and my partner are from different cities. Each year we have to make a difficult decision to pick where we go for Christmas. I’m sure many of you all understand that predicament. Most families try and alternate who’s parents you spend Christmas with.

When your job has you working through the festive period, its hard travel freely. Sharing your Christmas fairly is a lot more challenging. You end up disappointing someone. With the U.K. only allowing 3 households around the turkey this year, while this pandemic is still at large. Meeting up as a family will go a miss for us this year. Which takes a lot of that pressure off choosing who to see. I understand for those who are use to having large Christmas gatherings this news can be a little disappointing. However, for us we are us it takes that awkward moment away of letting someone down.

However, we are going to make the best of it. My brother is home from uni and teaching our mother how to use an iPad. – Yes our mum is a tech illiterate. We have some online games downloaded. As this year will be a zoom Christmas. Instead of fighting over who sits on the sofa and not the floor.

As much as not seeing each other under one roof Is a real shame. It’s actually nice not having the pressure of ensuring to visit everyone in one day.

Another change this year is the gifts we are buying for each other. Most of my family members are self employed, in professions that were hit badly due to the pandemic. Collectively our family members have decided to put money together, to use in the new year. Instead of buying gifts we will go out for a lovely family meal in one of our favourite restaurants. I’m really looking forward to this and i hope its a tradition we continue to do for the foreseeable. Seeing each other and creating a moment to last is far better than any gift.

As for my immediate family. Instead of individual gifts we’ve all decided to take part in a family secret Santa. This is not a new thing because of the pandemic. It’s been popular within families for years. We all talked about taking part in secret Santa as a family, yet never got round to giving it ago. This year pushed us to give it ago. At work we would always pull names out of a hat. Now with social distancing, thats not feesable. And if someone did it on behalf of everyone someone would know who is getting them. Which would mean the surprise would be ruined. Have no fear. Technology provides an answer.

There is a number of apps and websites that help you draw out names. They are so much fun. This year we used the website drawnames.co.uk. It’s so simple to use. Just provide your group names add your gift budget. Send them an invite either by email or txt or social media. Once everyone accepts the invite and are able to hit the draw button. The website then generates who gets who in secret. There’s options to make a list of gift ideas for those who have you and also a handy gift guide. I definitely recommend this site if you too are thinking of joining in the secret Santa fun.

A lot of people are approaching decor a little different this year. Some have gone all out being bigger than ever and i love seeing the creativity behind all the Christmas magic. Others have gone for a little more understated. Decorating In our house has even been given a new twist this year. Normally they are up last week of November due to being so busy with work in December. However this year we’ve been a little bit slow to put all things hohoho on display. Each year we place our tree up with lights and then the next week we decorate it with shinny baubles.

This year we are missing a step. We have decided not to trim the tree this year and just have it simple with lights. We have a beautiful Balshamhill tree that looks just as spectacular as it is. I like the look of the simplistic feel with out all the tree bling.

Don’t dismay. We have kept our traditional family tree in the snug, with all our sons decorations he has made on display. That’s one tradition i wont give up. Well until he decides he’s to old to make decorations. Which i hope is never lol.

No matter what your Christmas is looking like this year. I think its ok to not do things in an conventionally way. If you normally throw big parties but cant this year its ok to take a step back. Just go bigger next year or plan a big celebration when we can all be together. Things maybe different this year but its good to adapt. You never know you too may find new traditions that will last a life time.

I’d love to hear what your doing differently this year if anything. Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you so much for joining me, until next time.

Much Love

S x

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