Christmas ideas and trends for 2020; How will you spend Christmas?

Christmas is fast approaching, and i know a lot of people are already starting their festivities early this year.

One of my favourite seasonal traditions. Is hauling down the holiday boxes from the attic, and decorating the house sipping on a hot chocolate, while listening to our favourite Christmas albums.

Retailers have reported huge demand for all things hohoho a lot earlier than usual this year. As the U.K. and the rest of the world prepare for a festive season, like no other amidst the coronavirus pandemic. Even social media giants revealed, that people have been searching and saving Christmas tree ideas earlier than ever before – much earlier. My instagram feed is flooded with post and reels with large displays of awe – inspiring Christmas decor. 

If like me, you have only just started to think about this seasonal holiday. You may feel like your a little late to the Christmas party. Have no ‘Nightmares before Christmas’ (see what i did there?) I Have listed some Christmas 2020 trends to bring you up to speed.

Holiday baking; 

homemade christmas cookies
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When it feels like everything is changing, it’s nice to embrace some normalcy of favourite Christmas traditions like baking. And after a 4 month long lockdown the U.K. went baking mad (banana bread being the favourite). With our new found skills perfected over the summer. I’m sure there’ll be a lot more of Christmas baked goodies to give Mary Berry a run for her money.

It’s a tradition that you typically do with immediate family members. So this tradition won’t have to change to accommodate social distancing. ( check your local authority guidelines )

Fake meets realism;

A real tree or fake tree? This is definitely a long standing debate that which i feel will still be debated over in years to come. And I’m not about to start a controversial conversation arguing which one is better. Each arguments are equally compelling with pros and cons balancing the scale. 

When creating a beautiful Christmas interior that captures a classic elegance having a tree that has both authenticity and a sense of grandeur is key. Opting for an artificial tree with three-dimensional design, will add that greater sense of realism to your décor. It’s no surprise that high-quality and luxurious models are more in demand this year.

I actually own a faux Christmas tree. However, not the tinsel kind. Last year I purchased a Balsam Hill – royal blue spruce. And it is beautiful! Balsam hill’s Christmas trees are designed to mimic real trees in nature. With its exclusive True Needle technology. Asymmetrical branches, subtle colour changes, and lifelike texture are the combination to create their unique realism effect. To add to the realistic experience, you can even purchase tree scents to create that fresh winter pine smell. The luxury trees are definitely an investment that i feel will stand the test of time. I have had a lot more compliments on my tree than ever before. With family and friends buying their very own.

If your in the market for a new tree, or are thinking of an up grade.

Then check out their Black Friday sale, be quick it ends nov 27th.

Movie time:

The small screen known as the tv has undoubtedly been trending this year. We have all been passing time binge watching series, new and old a like. And when you look through Netflix you’ll find trending an array of Christmas films.

Why not make watching a film a little more fun for the Christmas period. Try gourmet popcorn, and handmade tickets. Not very crafty? There is so many movie night party packs to choose from on Esty. If you have google chrome browser on your computer why not use Teleparty (formally known as Netflix party) Teleparty enables you to watch favourite movies with friends and family at the same time. Creating a lovely evening to be enjoyed by all.

Small scale celebrations;

I’m sure you have been as amazed as me, at the digital ingenuity that’s come through over this last year. With potential restrictions in place, limiting numbers of family gatherings. Virtual catch ups will be used more than ever over the festival period. There are so many fun options for Christmas. Plan ahead and you can do wine, gin, chocolate or other types of tasting online.

Make it into an evening with family and friends. Where you can have the a tasting pack sent out and all join via Video call. Like playing host with a dinner party? Choose a date with your loved ones to make a course each. Delivering the same ingredients on the same day so you’re all enjoying the same meal. Call your local restaurants- as you never know they may provide this service. 


Sustainable Christmas; 

This season going green isn’t just the colour of your Christmas tree. Sustainable Christmas products are top of the mind this year! From eco-friendly Christmas cards, decor and even the traditional Christmas cracker. All having an eco makeover. – Find Great eco Christmas cards here.

An easy way to make an impact, is to switch up your wrapping routine and drop the glitter foil paper. You can stay on trend while still supporting the environmen, by switching to classic brown paper. It is one of the cheapest options, and yet has the most potential to look impressive.

I’m using a mixture of brown paper and boxes from my amazon deliveries. We have had so many deliveries this year, due to having to shop on line. I thought I’d make could use of the boxes. Wrap them with twine or ribbon with a festive sprig for a beautiful Noel presentation.


More and more of us have been going back to basics and getting our craft on. People are looking to instagram and youtube for fun and creative ideas to personalise they’re festival spirt. And our family is no exception to the rule. This might sound boujee, but we have not one but two Christmas trees in our home – hear me out.

The first tree I mentioned above, every bit of luxury. And the second small and modest, we call our family tree. In my eyes it’s the jewel of our Christmas decor, and I will tell you why. It’s the show stopper that hangs with pride, our much loved possessions. Our sons homemade Festive creations. One of our families most loved traditions, is making our own Christmas decorations. Every Christmas Eve (since our son turned an age for messy play) we have made our own yuletide decor. Each year we keep them and each following year place them on the tree. We now have nice little collection, which I look forward to adding too each year.

Christmas will be different;

Definitely this Christmas will look different than the past ones. With the uncertainty surrounding  what a 2020 Christmas will look like.  I feel this selection of simple trends can be done by all no matter the situation or your budget. However, no matter what Christmas brings this year it is definitely what you decide to  make of it, and trying old and new invented ideas may be surprisingly more successful than you first realise. You never know, you may find that this years restricted Christmas brings you some new fun festive traditions that will continue for many years to come.  

I would love to hear your thoughts on my top Christmas trends and ideas. And would love to hear some of your ideas. Either get in touch  or comment down below. As always I value your feed back so if there is anything you’d like me to be to share or discuss give us a shout.

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As always thank you for reading, until next time

Much love 

S x

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11 thoughts on “Christmas ideas and trends for 2020; How will you spend Christmas?

  1. We have a fake Christmas tree as out main tree, and then a mini real tree for the living room. Nice to have a mixture of both. We have already started watching Christmas movies, and have watched all new releases so far, will keep the most traditional closer to the day. Great post x

    1. What a lovely Christmas tradition. Real and faux tree sounds the best of both worlds. What new Christmas release was your favourite? We are watching the new Christmas chronicles on Netflix’s this weekend. I’m rather excited. Thank you so much for joining me. S x

  2. The Princess switch 2 – I love a light hearted, cheesy movie at the best of times, but make it Christmas themed? It won’t be the last time I watch that movie this month!
    I really enjoyed the 1st Christmas Chronical, will be watching the 2nd in the coming weeks x

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